Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How To Keep Birds Away from Fruit Your Trees


Hi Friends,
We planted a cherry tree and this is it's third year to give us cherries so it is still a young tree.  We treasure all that yummy fruit it gives us as the tree is still quite small and we don't get much from it yet.  Not only do we like the fruit, but the birds like it too!  Sorry birds, I love having you around, but we don't have enough to share. 

A simple trick to keep the birds out of the tree is to hang old Cd's on it.  I hung 8 Cd's around the tree.  I just used some fishing line to make a hanger for them.  As the breeze blows they really are quite pretty as they catch the sunlight.  Best of all though, the glimmering it creates keeps the birds out of the tree.
As our grapes ripen over the summer, I'll be hanging some of these on the grapevines as well.
Happy Homemaking,
Nancy - Your How To Homemaker


Juliana/A Hand Woven Life said...

I like this tip! We have two cherry trees and the birds hit the sweet cherries hard this year! I had heard to use aluminum pie pans, but I like this idea better!

Pearl Girl said...

THIS TOTALLY WORKS TOO. I did this last year. I was actually thinking I should post about it. Good Job!

Its A Blog Party said...

What a great up!
Thanks for linking up!


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