Saturday, June 5, 2010

How To Know What Foods Do NOT Freeze Well

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Today I would like to let you know about some foods that do NOT freeze well.  This information comes from the National Center for Home Food Preservation.  This website has helpful information not only for freezing, but for canning, drying, pickling and other food preservation methods.

Freezing is the type of food preservation that I do the most often.   I find it easy and convenient.  One of the things I like to do as I've already told you, when making one dish, multiply it and make several dishes at the same time.  One to eat now and one or more to freeze.  It is helpful if you know what foods DON'T freeze well so you know what recipes you can and cannot do this with.  My post on How To do Multiple Make Ahead Meals can be found here.

Thank you to the National Center for Home Food Preservation for this useful information listed below.

Cabbage*, celery, cress, cucumbers*, endive, lettuce, parsley, radishes - As raw salad they become limp, water-logged,quickly develops oxidized color, aroma and flavor

Irish potatoes, baked or boiled - In soups, salads, sauces or with butter they become soft, crumbly, water-logged, mealy

Cooked macaroni, spaghetti or rice - When frozen alone for later use it becomes mushy, tastes warmed over

Egg whites, cooked In salads, creamed foods,sandwiches, sauces, gravy or desserts - They become soft, tough, rubbery, spongy

Meringue - In desserts become soft, tough, rubbery, spongy

Icings made from egg whites in cakes and cookies - becomes frothy, weeps

Cream or custard fillings used in pies, baked goods - Separates, becomes watery, lumpy

Milk sauces - For casseroles or gravies - May curdle or separate

Sour cream - As topping, in salads - Separates, becomes watery

Cheese or crumb toppings - On casseroles - Becomes soggy

Mayonnaise or salad dressing - On sandwiches (not in salads) Separates

Gelatin In salads or desserts - Weeps (Nancy's Note:  I've found Gelatin that has been mixed with cool whip or pudding for salads or desserts does freeze well)

Fruit jelly used on Sandwiches - May soak bread

Fried foods - All except French fried potatoes and onion rings - Lose crispness, become soggy

* Cucumbers and cabbage can be frozen as marinated products such as "freezer slaw" or "freezer pickles". These do not have the same texture as regular slaw or pickles.

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