Thursday, June 3, 2010

How to Make Your Own Vinyl Clings and keep Children busy on long Trips

When I was a child I remember playing with a toy called Colorforms.  They were pieces of shaped vinyl that would create a scene.  You could restick the vinyl over and over again on the board that came with it.
Today in the craft store near the scrapbooking die cutting machines they sell colored vinyl on the roll.  You can cut the vinyl into shapes.  The children can create their own scenes on the car or airplane window.  The vinyl cuts easily with scissors, but if you have a die cutting machine that works great.  Some ideas you might like to try cutting are: a doll with different clothes to dress up, a garden with vegetables, a plate with different food to pretend and eat, a jungle with trees and animals, little boys might like dinosaurs, how about outer space with stars, planets and a rocket ship.  If you are traveling at Christmas, you could even cut a nativity scene and let your child create it with Joseph, Mary, Jesus and all the animals and wise men.
Get creative and make your own Colorform play set.
One final tip...It can get costly to buy many colors of vinyl.  Consider getting just white and coloring the shapes with Sharpie markers.
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