Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How to - Never Lose Your Scissors

Hi Friends,
I know some people who only have one pair of scissors and who hunt for them endlessly.  I personally have scissors for sewing, paper, kitchen scissors, yard scissors and a few extras. 

For specific scissors, take a fairly long piece of pretty ribbon and tie one end to the hole in the scissors.  Then tie the other end to where you want to keep it.  Just make sure the ribbon is long enough that you can cut with the scissors without having to untie it.

I have a little thread scissors tied to my sewing machine for snipping threads as I sew.
I have a scissors tied to a hook in the laundry room where I cut off loose threads that I notice when washing clothes.
I have a scissors tied to the bar in our closet to cut off tags from new clothing and loose threads.

It is a huge time saver to have scissors handy.


MamaTink said...

Following from 40+!

Karen Mortensen said...

Very good idea.

The Blogger's Concierge said...

Every time I need to use the scissors, there is hunt for them. Especially at holiday time! This is a brilliant suggestion!

Carolyn said...

I have given you an award! Please check my blog on Friday to see it and all it pertains. Have a wonderful day!


Karey Ellen said...

I totally agree and do this also! It really does save time.

Take Care,

Candy Bello said...

wonderful tip! I can't believe how simple this is, and yet I've never done it!



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