Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How To - A Simple First Aid Tip for a Cut

Hi Friends,
I was watching someone administering first aid treatment to a child who had a scratch.  What I saw is the mother putting first aid cream, an antibiotic ointment, directly on the wound.  That can be very painful to the child or injured person.

Here is a very simple technique so as not to touch the cut.  Run a strip of the antibiotic ointment directly on the bandaid itself.  The ointment will spread out on it's own as you then apply the bandaid to the cut. 


Julie said...

At least she didn't lick her finger and rub it on the wound first. Ew! Good tip, We've followed that rule to also make sure we're not putting a giant glob of medicine on the cut to have it ooze out everywhere when the bandaid goes on. Saves money, saves waste.

Amy said...

I never even thought to put it on the cut ... just always put it on the bandaid...:D

Pam said...

This is definitely the way to go with an ow-ow. :) Pam @ Sallygoodin


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