Thursday, June 24, 2010

How To - Vacation Tip

Many people are going on vacation at this time.  Here is a vacation tip that I've done for years.  Sometimes electricity can go out in our home.  Most of the time it comes back on in a reasonable amount of time.  When you are on vacation though, you don't know how long your electricity has been out.  All you see is your digital clocks blinking telling you that their electricity flow was interrupted.  Now even with no electricity, your freezer foods can remain frozen for a couple of days as long as the door is not opened.  Put a glass of ice in the freezer.  When you return from vacation check to see if there are still cubes present.  (They may be smaller if it is a self defrosting freezer).  If the cubes have melted and the refrozen to where it is a solid block of ice on the bottom of the glass then you know the food is no longer safe to eat as it became too warm in your freezer.

One more tip though.  We lived in Florida the year hurricane Katrina came through.  That was the season we experienced 4 hurricanes in our area.  The first one was hurricane Charlie.  That is the one our home was most affected by.  Thank goodness for my wonderful husband who had the forethought to buy us a small portable generator.  We were able to keep our freezer and refrigerator running.  Some of our neighbors weren't so fortunate and lost freezers full of meat.  Here is something very important.  When you lose all your food, this is something that is possibly covered by your home owner's insurance.  (Loss of food was covered by my neighbor's home owner's insurance policy)  Before you take the spoiled food out of your freezer take a picture or two of it for insurance purposes.  If you go to file a claim later, having the proof of a photo with the date on it is extremely helpful.


Victoria said...

The ice cub trick is such a good idea!

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Great tips! Now if only I had time to go on a vacation :)
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