Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Making a Compost Bucket

Hi Friends,
I've mentioned before that I'm wanting to do more composting in the garden.  You can read my fertilizing post HERE.  My soil is pure sand with no very little nutrients as I live in the desert.  I have been wanting to begin composting to create some nutrition for my soil.and so in my search, ran across this video on how to make a compost bucket here at Frugal and Simple Living.  I think it is a great idea.  They show how to use a 5 gallon paint bucket for composting.  Air holes are drilled and some mesh is added.  Being able to roll the bucket around to mix the contents should be super handy.  I actually made one of these the other day.  I will say, I only used a 3/16" drill bit so my holes are much smaller as I'm afraid my compost will dry out if I go larger.  I also did not add the mesh that they used in the video because I made smaller holes.  It's an experiment and I'll update you in a few weeks as to my results.
I do want a larger compost bin though and have been looking at Lowes and Home Depot at their composting containers  For a real compost container they want about $100.  I'd to make my own.  I'm wanting something larger than my paint bucket that I've started out with, maybe 10 to 20 gallons and have looked at lidded trash cans, but they seem like flimsy plastic and even some in the stores have a crack in them. 
Here is my question....Do any of you know where I could get a large 10 to 20 gallon round heavy duty lidded container for my composting?  I'm wondering if there is a type of business that receives shipments in containers such as this and would have some just lying around that they would be willing to just give away.  Any ideas here?
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Anonymous said...

My husband and I made our own compost tumbler, we used a large 50 gallon plastic-food grade drum, some 2x4's and a pvc pipe. I found step by step instructions on the site "Instructables", or just google how to make a compost tumbler.
We painted ours green, so it wouldn't stand out like a sore thumb lol.

Juliana/A Hand Woven Life said...

Nancy, we have an "Earth Machine", but my dad was able to get it from the city where he lived for $10-20 I think. Some city governments have programs like that to encourage composting, so you could check there or with your county extension office to see if they have anything available at a discount.

Erin said...

Try area resturants. I also know that my brother in law works for a machine shop and they get large plastic "drums" all the time...not sure what comes in them, but work great for our recycling and trash.

SandyS said...

I bought one compost bin at a yard sale and another in a thrift shop. Our county has a compost bin sale once a year or so. This year they were $45.00. None I have are the tumbling kind, but I have a compost turner to use to stir up the composting goods.

Alicia said...

So interesting! I have not even delved into the world of composting, since we live in a small apartment and I haven't started gardening. I'm wondering if you couldn't find something similar to what Home Depot and Lowes are selling on Craigslist.
Thanks so much for linking up to Try New Adventures Thursday!

Audrey said...

I found you from Try New Adventures Thursday, and I must say, I'm glad I did! I look forward to hearing how the composting turns out, as my soil is pretty much sand too. We have a garden right now, but so many of the plants are withering or simply not producing much. At least I'm getting some Roma tomatoes!

The Paisley Cupcake said...

I did a post on composting a week or so ago. If you check it out, you will see, my compost bin looks much like a large plastic trash can. I think that would work well and Home Depot carries those here in Idaho. Good Luck!

Sylvie said...

you can try large rain barrels...there is a "junk" yard in my town, ottawa canada, that selss them clean and brand new with tight fitting lids. they are thick and sturdy plastic and even with water in them they did not crack during our freezing cold winters of well below 0 degrees US, which for us is -30 degrees.


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