Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How To - Make a Household Notebook - Part 1

Before I get started here, I must confess I'm writing this post out of frustration and my blood pressure is high (at the time of writing which is yesterday for all of you reading now).

I have a three ring binder in my kitchen that I keep important paperwork that I want close at hand.  I'll show you pictures in another post.  Everyone needs a household notebook to keep themselves organized.  Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to buy a three ring notebook and a 3 hole punch if you don't already own one. 

I learned today, yesterday for all of you reading, that I NEED a new section in my household notebook.  I spent a little more than three hours of my life today at the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).  My oldest daughter is now at the age where she gets a regular driver's license, no restrictions.  I had to take her to the MVD to get this taken care of and a parent needed to be present.  There were already about 20 people sitting in chairs, not bad for my local MVD, and I knew I needed to settle in for about an hour to hour and a half wait.  Thankfully I had my iPod to listen to some great podcasts, like the one I produce Making Our Home a Haven.  (shameless plug)

What should have been an orderly event became total chaos, you don't need all the details but lets just say the number system they had in place was NOT effective and frustration and chaos ensued among the masses.  I swore, and I don't swear, that NEVER again would I go there unless I am one of the first in line.  I took note of their hours.  They open at 8 am.  I WILL be there at 7:30 am camping out like I'm waiting for a concert to be one of the first the next time I have to go.

Here is where the household notebook comes into play.  I now have a new page that lists special hours and days for different places.  I've included in it the hours of urgent care, hours when I can first call the doctor in the morning, hours and days when my hair dresser works, the vets special hours and more.  I've always had a page with phone numbers, but I've never listed the hours.  Some of these places you forget when they open because you don't go there often.  With two more children in line to get driver's licenses, I will be going back to the MVD and I never want to forget that they open at 8:00 and that I must get there by 7:30.  It is also a good idea to write down what type of documentation is necessary to bring.  I always have to show proof of residency by  presenting a utility bill with our address.  I wrote that in the notes section of this as well.

Ok, I am a little more relaxed now after typing this and I think my risk of stroke has passed.  Be sure to get yourself a pretty notebook and we will be covering more of this soon.  I hope you all have a wonderful day that goes smooth with minimal frustrations.  And if you do get frustrated today, can you learn something from it to prevent those same frustrations from occurring again?
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basketsbyrose said...

Please also check to make sure they are open before going! Our closes because the state is out of money, and no one knows the date! Trying going to find out the door are locked due to lack of money! Talk about blood pressure going though the roof!!!!!

Julie said...

Haha. Now I know to get there at 7:25 to be ahead of you. :P Great tips

Erin Wallace said...

Hi! I have an award for you on my site, Dropped Stitches. Please stop by to pick it up!

xo Erin

FrugalMom said...

Hi There, thanks for stopping by my blog.
I am your newest follower!

It seems that the DMV department is always a cause for total chaos and frustration. I live in S. Florida, and our local DMV have long lines waiting outside....in the burning sun!

FrugalMom from
Frugality Is Free

Lolo said...

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The Simple Jocabell Life said...

Uh, I hate that place with a passion!

I am following you from the Social Parade!

The Simple Jocabell Life

Simply Fitting Into Life...and my old jeans

Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

That is such a great idea! I need to make a notebook in general, with all the important stuff. But I haven't filed a single piece of paper in over a year, so who am I kidding? :)

Happy Friday!

Shining 2 Save said...

Hi I a new follower from the Social Parade: Follow on Fridays. Hope you have a great day

Kari @

Hootiebee said...

Newest Follower from Social Parade. I hope you can stop in and see me at www.hootiebee.blogspot.com

Amanda said...

Hello im you new follow me friday follower! great blog, Ive been reading all your posts and learning tons! Thanks Alot


*Crystal* said...

Just the kind of info I've been looking for! I'm your newest follower from New friends Friday... Can't wait to learn omething new

Little T's Journey said...

The notebook is such a great idea. I've got a notebook, just need to make sure I put it together.

Angel said...

I am glad that I found you! This is a brilliant Idea! As soon as I get paid I am off to get a three ring notebook!


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