Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How To - Make a Map of Your Grocery Store

Here is a tip that can save you hours over the course of a year. 

Make a map of your grocery store.  I do 99% of my shopping at one store.  It accepts coupons and matches prices and it is close to home!  There is no need for me to spend time or gas running from store to store to catch the sales at other places. 

The next time you are in your grocery store, take a notebook and pen.  Write down, Aisle 1 and what is in it.  For me it is produce, deli, and bakery.  Aisle 2 for me is bread, coffee, and tea.  Continue for each aisle. 

Next, on your computer, make a shopping map page according to the aisles.  Have the aisles typed along with what is in each aisle then leave a space between for writing your list.  As you make your weekly shopping list, write each item in the space of the appropriate aisle. 

I like to shop from the back of the store moving to the front.  On my paper, I have the first aisle listed as the aisle to the back of the store.  Then as I move down my shopping list I am working my way to the front of the store.  Doing this helps eliminate going down the same aisle multiple times and criss-crossing back and forth through the store needlessly.  I promise you that a little bit of time spent up front saves hours later.  For those of you with small impatient children, this will help you get in and out quickly

When you finish writing up your grocery map, make several copies to keep handy in the kitchen.  Teach your children how to use this shopping map too.  When they use the last of the ketchup, teach them to write it in under condiments (aisle 4 for me).  One more thing.  Some grocery stores provide a shopping map at their customer service desk.  This will save you time upfront from having to take the notes in your notebook. 

Here's to quick and efficient shopping!



Julie said...

How funny, I do the same thing. However, my store has the list online. Others might be able to find their stores' list online also. I just print a new one and tape it to the fridge and everyone checks off what is needed and wanted. It is a huge timesaver. I'm including the link to my store to give you an example.


KaylaDanielle said...

Love this! I need to do this soon!

Cook Clean Craft said...

You can ask for a map of the store at the helpdesk at grocery stores in Australia, although you might have to add extra details as they don't show everything.

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

How funny, I've been doing this for years! It really does make shopping quicker and more efficient, until the store remodels and shifts stuff around! Thanks for posting!

Lisa said...

Is it sad that I pretty much know my grocery store by heart? The employees that always work there on Friday nights know us because we always come in at the same time!


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