Thursday, July 22, 2010

How To - Reclaim Your Kitchen

Hi Friends,
It is amazing how quickly my kitchen can get out of control.  Even when I think I am staying on top of things, it doesn't take long when all of a sudden it feels like a hurricane went through it.  This is one of those times.  We are in our kitchen constantly. One of the reasons it feels like a disaster right now is because Mike and Tim have been getting ready for a Boy Scout campout.  It is times like this when there are many things that have found their way into my kitchen that don't belong there.  I want to give you some of my tips that I use to reclaim my kitchen and get it back in order.

The very first thing I do is make sure my dishwasher is empty.  Actually the very first thing I do is plug in my iPod and listen to a podcast.  I usually listen to spiritual, cooking or crafting podcasts.  Listening to these things helps take my mind off the work and makes the time pass quickly.  Perhaps though you would like to listen to some uplifting music to get you moving.

Next I start in one corner and work my way around the room.  I throw away trash.  (Always amazes me how I find trash on the counters when there is a trash can that functions perfectly well right there.) 

Dirty dishes get loaded in the dishwasher except for the hand wash items that get put in the sink.

Items that don't belong in the kitchen get gathered together in a basket for me to go around the house and deliver them to their proper home.

Stray papers get filed, trashed, or placed in the above mentioned basket.

At this point my counters are cleared from the unnecessary items so I wipe them down with soapy water.  I also wipe down the microwave and stove.

Next I wash by hand any dishes that couldn't go into the dishwasher.

At this point I'm ready to tackle the floor.  I take my throw rugs outside and give them a shake and now I'm off to sweep and mop the floor.

Whew...My kitchen looks and smells good now.  If needed I might straighten the pantry at this time or wipe down the refrigerator shelves but usually by the time the floor is mopped I'm done in the kitchen for a while.

Doing your best to stay on top of things is the best way to keep your kitchen from getting out of hand.  Wipe up any spills as they occur.  Make sure all the dishes are in the dishwasher or hand washed after each meal.  Don't go to bed with a messy kitchen.

My final tip is to make a menu plan for at least a week, or longer if you can, and follow it.  When you know what is coming up for supper you can do some of the prep work ahead of time such as cutting up onions or vegetables.  Then when it comes time to assemble the meal, you don't make such a mess.

Here's to a clean and inviting kitchen that will help make your kitchen the heart of your home.


Java said...

Yes I agree because if the kitchen isn't clean then it makes the whole house look messy!
We have similar cleaning habits! Isn't it nice when its all done?

Gretchen Seefried said...

This is coming at a good time-just after I got my desk and work space more in order-now to the kitchen! Thx


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