Thursday, July 8, 2010

How To - So Easy to Preserve

Hi Friends,
If your garden is like mine, it is starting to all come in and beautiful produce is getting ready to be picked.
I want to let you know of this publication so if you are interested, you have time to get it before your crops explode with excess.
The book is called "So Easy To Preserve".  It is published through the Georgia Cooperative Extension Office.  This book is not available on Amazon and I don't believe you can get it through the bookstores either.  It is something that can probably only be purchased directly.  HERE is the link.  The book is 375 pages that are FULL of valuable information.  If you have any questions about preserving, this book will answer it in detail.  The book costs $18.  I'm not an advertiser and I'm not making any money from your orders.  I ordered my copy a few months ago and have been HIGHLY impressed with it.  If you are a beginner at preserving, it will hand hold you step by step through the process.  If you have experience, it also goes into some scientific information about preserving and how and why it works the way it does.  There are 185 recipes and it covers all forms of preserving including:  canning, freezing, drying, jellies and jams, and pickling.

Here is my opinion.  I'm a big believer in information from extension offices.  I think they keep themselves always up to date with research and the latest information.  I've been doing some canning for quite a number of years.  As years have passed, new and improved techniques have been developed which means ways to preserve food that are safer for us to eat.  If you have been using an older recipe, such as your mother's recipe, you may need to at least explore on the internet to make sure you are preserving properly.  Much research has gone into the acidity and alkalinity of foods and at what pH level foods need to be preserved at.  This book happens to be the 5th edition and was published in 2005.  I certainly feel I got my money's worth.  They do have DVD's that go with the book but I did not purchase them.  They also offer a discount for ordering a quantity of the book so if you belong to a group, buying several copies can give you a discount.  When I ordered my book, it came in about 10 days.

I'm ready for my bumper crop!


Craft Envy said...

Nancy, I love your blog, I read it every day! Stop by my blog sometime, I've given you an award!

Katina said...

Thanks for the tip!

Ashley said...

Sounds fantastic! I have very happy memories of watching my grandmother can in her kitchen but I never learned the process. Its been itching at me for the past couple of years.


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