Saturday, July 10, 2010

How To - Uses for Dry Cleaning Bags

Hi Friends,
Ever wonder about ways to recycle those plastic bags that cover your clothing when you pick it up at the dry cleaners?  Here are a few ideas.
You can use them to cover out of season hanging clothing to keep the dust off.
You can wrap your shoes in them when you travel to keep the dirt off your other clothes.
Tie a knot in one end and it can line your trash can.
Use it to wrap breakables like Christmas ornaments.
Stuff them in out of season purses to help the purses keep their shape.
I think its great to find another use for things like this rather than have them end up in our landfills.


Tonia @Chic Modern Vintage said...

I use them for the trash can {paper only},and to stuff my purses, otherwise they go in the recyle bin

Karen Mortensen said...

Good. I like making garbage bags out of them.

Haupi said...

Oh, I love the comment above from Tonia because I was going to say I hate to through them out but I'm afraid of letting them hang around the house in case one of the kids get their hands on it. Your tips for wrapping shoes in them was also helpful for me. Good tips and topic in the age of going green. Smiles. Hope you're enjoying your weekend.



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