Monday, August 30, 2010

How To - Healthy Living - Week 9 - Benefits of a Buddy

Hi Friends,
We are on Week 9 of our Healthy Living series.  This week I lost 1/2 pound making my total 8 pounds with 22 pounds to go.  It is coming off at less than a pound a week despite my exercising which I'm doing 3 to 5 times a week.

This week I want to talk about the benefits of having a buddy or an accountability partner as you are working on your goal of living healthy.  The journey towards losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle can be a bumpy road and having someone to travel with you on that journey can make the ride much smoother.

Do you have a support system at home?  My husband and I are both on Weight Watchers together and we keep each other in check when it comes to our food choices and amounts we eat.  I go to the gym myself, but I'm thinking of switching gyms.  There is a new one that has opened up near me for only $10 a month and they have unlimited guest privileges.  Gyms are getting very competitive in their pricing and incentives.  My daughter as said she would like to go to the gym with me.  My husband would like to come from time to time and I think my mother-in-law would come with me as well when they visit.  So having unlimited guest privileges is enticing to me and I'm thinking very seriously of making the change.  Having an exercise buddy will help keep me from getting bored with exercise.  I remember when I worked for Physician's Weight Loss Centers.  Our most successful clients were on the program with a friend.

When looking for someone to support you, seeking a diet buddy who has the same qualities you see in your spouse or best friend may not be the ideal solution.  Experts say that sometimes, qualities you would never tolerate in a partner -- like holding you accountable for every bite you take -- could be the very qualities you need in a weight loss buddy.

Web MD says:
"Diet buddies are just two people who share a common goal and know they can count on each other to help them achieve that goal in whatever way it takes to do that," says Shafran.

For some, that may mean working out together or getting together to cook or swap recipes a couple times a week. For others, it can mean taking turns babysitting so that each of you can get to the gym separately.

Another consideration is mutual availability. Both partners should agree up front on how much time and energy they have to devote to the partnership, and discuss what they need from each other during that time.

Also important: The primary mode of contact and support. If you're constantly monitoring your email and need a buddy who's always there when you send out that Instant Message S.O.S., be sure you pick a buddy who is as computer-accessible as you. If what you really need is face-to-face contact, pick a buddy who has a similar need -- and the time to share.

"For some people, the anonymity of having an Internet buddy is the best solution. For others, it has to be someone who they can get together with for a Wednesday night weigh-in," says Shafran. "It doesn't matter, as long as both buddies want the same thing."
If any of you need encouragement, just send me an e-mail or leave a comment and I'll do my best to encourage you in meeting your goals be it weight loss or other healthy lifestyle goals.

As always, link up your post about healthy living and let us know what you are doing to get healthy.

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