Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How To Handle Cleaning Overwhelm

Hi Friends,
I'm going to say right here that I try hard to keep up with the housework and keep the house "maintained".  But do you ever feel overwhelmed with all that you see?  You see things out of place, laundry that needs to be done, cleaning or other chores you need to do and you feel like you just don't know which way to turn or how to get started.  Please tell me it's not just me.  I just took one look around, let out a sigh and came to write this blog post.  How's that for avoiding the obvious that needs my attention.

Here is how I'm going to handle my situation.  I've done this before and it has worked so I have every ounce of faith that it will work again.  I'll get a piece of notebook paper and write down the time in 15 minute increments.  For the first 15 minutes I'll clean the kitchen, then the next 15 minutes I'll clean the family room and so on.  After I'm finished listing the rooms that need my attention I'll add another 15 minutes to my kitchen and any other area that needs some extra time.  Make sense?  Mike should be home late this afternoon so I have until about 5:00 to clean and then I need to start supper.  By scheduling rooms, it helps clear my focus and I know just what area I need to concentrate on without thinking about the rest of the house.  It helps me know which way to turn.

I'm off the computer now.  Wish me luck.  I'll check back in before bedtime and let you know how the house looks. 

Happy, fast and furious, Homemaking,


*Nikki* said...

i know just what you mean..i do five minute room rescues..i have just begun to follow flylady..well i guess i have been for a while now and eventhough i don't strictly follow her..some of her ideas have worked for me!!
good luck!

Erin said...

LOL! I feel like this on an almost weekly basis. I spent my entire day Monday trying to get my house back "under control." At least as much as it ever is.

My trick/tip is to get out my stack of bins. I have one for each area in my house ie: Sons room, masterbedroom, kitchen, bathroom plus a donate bin and of course I pull out the BIG trash can. I usually start in the kitchen and work my way to the living room (these are the most lived in rooms so they tend to collect the most "stuff".) When I finish with that I put each bin in its "room" and then start putting stuff away. If/when I get side tracked at least the stuff is out of the main living area and I can take a deep breath. I can always walk into any room and start emptying a bin. My family knows that if a bin is sitting there they better get moving or the stuff may just disappear!


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