Sunday, August 29, 2010

Prayer Basket

Dear Friends,

You may have noticed I have another blog called Basketmaster's Weavings.  It is my first blog and showcases my love of weaving baskets.  I wove this basket several years ago. It is a peanut basket. You put your peanuts on one side and as you eat them, the shells go on the other. We don't often eat peanuts so I had this basket in my pantry holding some plastic silverware.  BTW...The following is an adapted post from Basketmaster's Weavings that I wrote over a year ago but it applies just as much today as it did the day I wrote it.

Now...I had been thinking about this for quite some time. I am always willing to lift up someone in prayer when needed, but sadly, often times my prayers are short and I go about my day and don't think about other's prayer requests or needs again.

Then...On Sunday, our Priest spoke lovingly about the wonderful healing power of prayer. He spoke about how our prayers help heal physically, mentally and spiritually and that it is our duty as Christians to thoughtfully and whole heartedly pray for others.

I knew when I came home from church on Sunday that I wanted to convert my peanut basket into a prayer basket. I put 3 x 5 cards on one side to write prayer requests on and as I pray for each one, I will move it to the "prayed" side of the basket. The next day, I can move all the cards back to the "pray" side and be reminded to continue and pray for that person's needs again.

I also feel....This will be a wonderful addition to our home for our family and a great example for our children. Anyone in the family can write down any prayer requests. When the family passes by the basket, they will be reminded to pray for those in need, or they may stop for a moment and take a card out of the basket and spend some special time in prayer for that one person. I'm going to keep it on the dining room table so it is highly visible and just another reminder to put God first.
I am always willing and happy to pray for anyone. If you have a special need, I will write it on a card and keep it in my prayer basket. My family and I will pray for you. Just leave a comment or send me an e-mail with your prayer request.

Have a Blessed Sunday and Happy Homemaking,

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ruthhill74 said...

I really, really like this idea! I'm not sure how I will work it into my home, but I think that it is fantastic!! Thanks for sharing.

ruthhill74 said...

By the way, I posted your button on my newly redesigned blog. I really enjoy your site!!

momstheword said...

What a lovely idea! As you said, it's a great visual reminder and an encouragement to pray.

The baskets are so cute too and can be used for so many things, like in the bathroom for t.p., etc.

I think you forgot to link back to the meme because I did not see a link. If you could fix that I'd appreciate it and thanks for linking up!

shopannies said...

I created a prayer basket as well as a prayer chain in our sunday school room. The lady who co=teaches had never heard of it before. The kids loved it and she did as well

Joyfull said...

I love this idea!! Prayer is so important and is easy to forget specific prayer requests that are each so important. The basket is beautiful and will serve a beautiful puropse of blessing.

Erin said...

I think that is an awesome use for those baskets. (Oh, and I may I say, I cannot believe you made them yourself. They are stunning!)

Toyin O. said...

Great idea!


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