Friday, September 17, 2010

Traveling Organization Tip and your Household Notebook

Hi Friends,
First off, I want to tell you I'm entering a busy season of the year so posts will not be every day.  Don't think I'm forgetting you because I'm not.  I'm going to post when I can.

Today's tip is about your household notebook.  I wrote about it in this post HERE and another post HERE.
This time I want to talk about a section of it that you might want to include.  It is about traveling.  (I have my specific page under my son's Boy Scouts tab)

Since my husband and son camp every month with the scouts they have a number of things to gather up for their trips.  I have a generic list in my household notebook that contains the things they need to be sure and bring on their campouts.  Most everything for the campouts kept together in a shed we have and is all in one place.  Still, it behoves them to go over their list and insure that they have everything needed.  There have been times the flashlight has been taken from the shed and used for other things and not found its way back home.

I have another list for traveling that has things I don't want to forget.  I have a cosmetic bag with travel size containers that I can just grab and throw in a suitcase.  Still, since I don't travel often, how awful is it to forget that on the last trip I ran out of deodorant and didn't replace it.  Yuck!  Other important things on the list are contact lens solution for hubby as well as shaving cream.  I also want to be sure to throw in a few vitamins as well as some Tylenol, band aids and other very basic first aid supplies.

Here is my point, when you do things repetitive, like travel, make a generic list and have those lists on hand.  Just a quick glance through the list will let you know if you are forgetting anything and it can save you huge trouble later.  Remember the boy scout motto:  Be prepared!

Happy Homemaking,


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Doreen McGettigan said...

What a great tip! I will be doing a lot of traveling next year and I always carry a notebook just in case the urge to write something comes over me..I'm sure as the trips go on I will be adding and subtracting items. Thank you.

Lauralee said...

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