Saturday, September 4, 2010

Using a Blog Calendar

Dear Friends,
Do you use a blog calendar? I wanted to share mine with you as it is something that just helps me keep my thoughts straight when planning future posts.

I begin by downloading a free printable calendar. I got mine HERE. My preference is the one month on one page format. What I like about this one is that there is room for notes on the same page below the calendar.

I insert holidays and important family days on the calendar. Then I fill in the empty spots with blogging ideas as they come up. If I feature a friend that is typically on Fridays so I would write that information in on whatever Friday I want to schedule someone for.

I don't only think of holidays, I try to think ahead about the season or other events. For instance we are in September and fall is fast approaching along with Halloween.  These are things I want to keep in mind when writing posts.
Sometimes I run across information on the internet that I feel worthy of sharing. I can just schedule it for an empty day.

What do you do to help you schedule your posts?
Happy Homemaking,


Healing Woman said...

This is amazing! I just went to the site you recommended and printed the calendar for Sept. Thanks so very much. You really are organized. I've been trying to get my notes together in an organized way concerning blogging for a very long time. I'll bet this will help.

Kristine said...

Love this idea. I think I'll try it. I usually just start a post as a draft and finish it when I have the chance. Or I keep notes of ideas in my dayplanner. It doesn't always keep things as organized as I'd like. This might work better. Thanks for the idea.

the country cook said...

Good idea! I'm not nearly so organized. Since I have a cooking blog, I generally wait for a recipe to taste AMAZING and then I post it! Most of the time I have a backlog of recipes, so I'll post one every few days. Kristin @

Kimberlee said...

I need to be more organized too. I have been pretty much just posting as I go. But now I am going to work on hosting a link party on a specific day, so I definitly need to be more aware of the days!


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