Monday, October 4, 2010

How To Homemaker Doesn't Pay the Bills

Hi Friends,
I know this blog has been rather stagnant the last couple of weeks.  There are several reasons for this.  First, I told you HERE in my post 30 Days Towards Saving Money that I have joined Scentsy which is a direct selling company, a party plan like Tupperware or Mary Kay but this involves flameless candles.  I'm doing Scentsy to help us get ahead in the area of financial freedom.  There are only so many hours in the day and so some things have to give.  Blogging has been one of those things that has temporarily been put on the back burner.  I say temporarily because I have every intention of resuming it back into full swing when I have had time to catch my breath.  Scentsy is keeping me going at a steady pace and I couldn't be happier about it.  I know I wrote before that this blog would NOT become a Scentsy commercial and I promise you that it won't.  The only thing I would like to say is that if any of you have considered trying Scentsy either in product or with earning extra income, please take a quick moment to pop over to my Scentsy Website.   How to Homemaker just is not moving us forward with our financial plan and so I must be realistic about my time management and where I am spending my time.  I knew though when I started blogging that it was not for monetary gain.  I never wanted a blog full of ads or click through money making links.  Just not cool in my opinion.  I like to help others and that is why I started How To Homemaker.  I still want to help others which is why How To Homemaker is only on pause for the time being. 

One benefit about Scentsy that I just have to share is that it has allowed me to share my Christianity with others.  Not that I go around preaching and this that's not what this company is about, it has just allowed me to develop some friendships and bonds and through those I've had a chance to share my love for Christ.  This has been an unexpected benefit and I just think WoW!

That said, How to Homemaker will resume just as soon as things steady out for me and I regain my hold on both now doing a job that I'm thoroughly enjoying and maintaining our household.  Freezer meals have become something I rely on right now and I've been doubling and tripling recipes every chance I get.

Thanks for your understanding and Happy Homemaking.


Terra said...

Nancy, I understand what you say and you have a good plan, and how great that you can share your Christianity with the company and customers. That is a dear blessing and I look forward to more posts from you when the dust settles.

Domestic Minx said...

Life does get in the way sometimes doesn't it? Haha.

Taylor at Household Management 101 said...

Nancy, hope all goes well for you. I know blogging can be tough, especially when it takes a while to bring money in.

I have been enjoying your posts, so I hope you can get back into blogging again soon (but no rush! I understand!)

Erin said...

Glad to know the Scentsy is taking off for you and allowing you to work towards your goals in such a positive manner. For those of us who are monetizing our blogs, I think we all understand that "work" comes first, whatever form work might be taking. Have fun with it!


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