Saturday, December 11, 2010

How to Maintain Consistency - Part 2

Good Morning Friends,
I have spent much time over these past few weeks thinking about the word CONSISTENCY and how I want to improve and maintain my consistency in important areas of my life.  Part 1 about consistency can be found HERE.

Ive carried around a little pocket notebook with me to jot down my thoughts regarding consistency with the hopes that it will help me improve in this area.

The first thing I thought about are, "What areas do I want to be consistent in?"  I came up with the following:  Bible reading and study, Homemaking which includes cleaning and organization, Exercise, Business, Menu planning, and finally Blogging.

Then I spent time considering, "Where do I see myself in 5 years with each of these areas?"  I think this is an important step with maintaining consistency.  It let me see my goals.  For instance, in 5 years I hope to be a director with my business.  I would really like to achieve this.  Being consistent with my business can make this happen.  With blogging, I would like to get noticed and get some speaking engagements.  For exercise, I would like to be healthy and full of energy with low cholesterol and low blood pressure.  In the area of Bible reading and study, I'd like to grow in my love of our Lord and to understand the scripture better so that I can share it more with others.  This goal is not as concrete, but I was having trouble putting it into words.  My goal for menu planning is to consistently have menu's planned 5 days a week.  For homemaking I want to always have the downstairs presentable for unexpected guests as well as my bedroom for hubby and I to relax and retreat to.  The rest of the house, well.....  In 5 years my children will be grown.  They will all be 18 and older.  Yikes!  I must consider where I am in my life with them.  These goals in each area may only increase a little for a while but then when they are out of the house I can work on them more.  I must remember these are only 5 year goals, not goals to be completed tomorrow.  I'm human and I will fall short and I understand that.

The next question I asked myself is, "What areas of consistency are most important?"  This came easy.  God is first followed by husband and family.  This means my Bible reading and study should be first thing I really work on.  I truly believe that time with God in prayer can help every area in my life that I want to improve.  The second thing is being there for my family.  This includes homemaking followed by menu planning.  I ALWAYS want my family to feel that home is a refuge where they want to be and I think for the most part they feel this way.  They like to be with their friends and often times their friends are at our home and I'm always usually happy with that.  I want home to be a place where they make great memories.

Now for those of you who think, "But Nancy, you need to make time for yourself."  Believe me I do get Nancy time.  There are times though that MY time does get sacrificed for others but that happens with everyone.  My children and husband give up some of THEIR time to meet the needs of this family as well.  It is called having responsibilities.

Thanks everyone for reading and I'll write in another post some of the steps and actions I have laid out on ways for me to maintain the consistency that I'm striving for.

Have a wonderful weekend and make some holiday memories with your family today.

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Janine said...

Hi Nancy. Thank you for popping over to my blog (Love in Action Journey) from the Friday Bloghop. I always love reading other fellow Christian sisters blog. I love this blog of yours. I think us sisters have a lot to learn from one another especially when it comes to being a Homemaker. When I read Proverbs 31, our lovely example seems so perfect and hard to attain ... but for the grace of God hey =o) Thanks for your lovely tips on this blog. I am now following.


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