Friday, October 15, 2010

Thank You....Drum Roll....Winners!!!!!

Oh Dear Friends,
I am so happy and I've seriously got tears in my eyes as I type this.  The grand total is $226 that we raised for the Susan G. Komen foundation.  Every single penny that was donated is going to this worthy cause.  Mike and I have covered any PayPal fees and shipping.  I'm so happy for all your generosity.  I feel honored to call you all my friends. 

I've got to tell you a quick story that happened to me in Walmart just 2 days ago.  I was shopping and had picked up a flyer with a pink ribbon product and the flyer was sitting in my basket.  A lady near me was telling her adult daughter to get a bunch of celery.  I just commented, "Oh I'm glad you mentioned that because I need celery too and had forgotten to put it on my list.  Thanks for jogging my memory."  The daughter looked over at me and saw the flyer in my basket, mentioned it and a brief conversation ensued.  I told them that every women in my family has suffered or passed on from breast cancer.  The mother said she had just been diagnosed and tears formed in her eyes.  I wanted to say that I'm trying here to help with the fight against it.  All I could say is, "I'm so sorry and my family will keep you in our prayers."  This disease hits every family and it is heart wrenching.  I want to say to all of you, Thank you, thank you thank you all for your generosity.  Thank you to those of you who provided prizes.  Thank you to those of you who donated money and thank you to all of you who have been praying for a cure.   With all my heart I love each of you.

So without further ado....can you hear the drum roll...............................................

The second place winner of the Lia Sophia necklace and Earring set is.....................


The winner of the grand prize of the basket, Scentsy warmer and fragrance, hand woven scarf, Stampin' Up supplies, Lia Sophia necklace, crochet tote, handmade journal and pink ribbon Bible is....................

Susan Zak!!!!!

I will be contacting both of you and your prizes will be on their way this week!!!!  The check to the Susan G. Komen foundation will also be sent this week.
I'm so happy for both of you!  I'm so happy for our efforts and what we have all accomplished together!!!
The final thing I want to say is PLEASE LADIES do not neglect to do those monthly self breast examinations.  Early detection is the best prevention.
God Bless each and every one of you!
With love,

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Final Call for Think Pink Donations

Hi Friends,

Remember over at my other blog Basketmaster's Weavings, I've been having a charity fundraiser to raise money for the fight against breast cancer.  All money will be given to the Susan G. Komen foundation.  Donations can be received through this blog as well.  See the donate button in the sidebar.

Friday is the big day when I draw for the winners of our Think Pink Raffle.  If you've been saying I'll get to donating tomorrow, well, tomorrow is almost here.  Please, please let your friends know that this is it.  Shout it out to your friends.  Let it be known on Facebook, your blog, twitter or any other social network site.  The farther we spread the word, the more money that will be raised.

Be sure to take a moment and look at all the prizes shown below.  Let me tell you, because I can see them in person here, they are all stunningly beautiful! 

One lucky winner is going to get an amazing “THINK PINK” prize package!

The prize package will include:

Pink Pot of Hope basket woven by me

Matching pink set of Stampin' Up supplies from CJ at Tea n' Stitches

Pink Sentsy warmer and fragrance from Naomi at Sentsy

Handwoven scarf from Bety at Deep End of the Loom

Lia Sophia "Pink Flamingo" necklace from Faith
A Beautiful Pink Ribbon Bible, Handmade Pink Journal and Crochet Tote Bag from Julie at A Handwoven Life

A second lucky winner will receive this beautiful Lia Sophia necklace and earring set also from my friend Faith. 

Raffle entries are $1.00 per “ticket” and can be purchased through PayPal (see "Donate" button in the sidebar)  

Please be generous. This is a cause very near and dear to my heart as I've lost a grandmother and an aunt to breast cancer and my mother and other women in my family are breast cancer survivors. This disease affects many of us.

For those of you who have already donated, for those of you who have provided the prizes, and for those of you who have advertised this charity raffle, I thank you with all my heart.
God bless.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Halloween Smores In a Jar

Hi Friends,
Thanks Jen for letting me guest post over here on your blog!  I'm Nancy Jacobs and I'm a busy married stay at home mother of three teenagers.  Yes, teenagers keep me hopping!  I blog at several places.  Most of you may be interested in my How To Homemaker blog where I give all kinds of tips and tricks related to cooking, cleaning, organizing and more with a few crafts thrown in as well.  My other blogs are Basketmaster's Weavings where I share my love of basket weaving.  Also, My Fragrant Home is my newest blog which is a documentation of my life as being a new Scentsy independent consultant.  Between those three places I probably have something for everyone.  I guess one of my real hobbies is writing and spending way too much time on the computer!  I hope you will stop over at one of my sites to say "Hello."

Today for you I want to share how to make those adorable Smores In A Jar.  You may have seen some of these at craft fairs.  Let me tell you, they make a GREAT gift.

Look what the kids and I made! I actually saw this the first time at Easter with those little marshmallow bunny peep candies. What a great gift to give. Be sure when you give it to put it in a holiday basket filled with paper raffia or lined with a holiday napkin. Also, have patience and take your time when getting those little ghosts to stand upright in their place. They want to fall over. Enjoy!
Halloween Smores In A Jar
1 quart mason jar
1 sleeve graham crackers
1 package holiday marshmallow peeps
one bag of holiday M&Ms candies
1/3 cup of brown sugar

1. Crush 1 sleeve graham crackers to crumbs.
2. Layer 2/3 of the graham cracker crumbs in a 1 qt jar. Pack down the crumbs a bit.
3. Arrange 8 to 12 marshmallow holiday peeps standing up, facing out around the inside of the jar. Press them up against the glass, but don't squash them.
4. Carefully spoon remaining cracker crumbs in the center of the jar to support the peeps, pressing down to keep it snug.
5. On top of this pour 1-1/4 cup M&M's in holiday colors.
7. Spoon 1/3 cup brown sugar into center of M&M's, gently pressing with a spoon. If you have any room left over, fill the jar to the top with M&Ms.

Cooking directions:

1. Empty the jar contents into a bowl.
Snip the peeps into bits with kitchen shears or cut up with a knife.
Return the peep bits to the mixture. Mix well.
2. Melt 1/2 cup butter; add 1 teaspoon vanilla. Pour this over the dry ingredients, mixing well. Pat into a greased 8" or 9" square pan. Bake at 350 degrees F for 15 minutes. Cool and cut into bars.

Monday, October 4, 2010

How To Homemaker Doesn't Pay the Bills

Hi Friends,
I know this blog has been rather stagnant the last couple of weeks.  There are several reasons for this.  First, I told you HERE in my post 30 Days Towards Saving Money that I have joined Scentsy which is a direct selling company, a party plan like Tupperware or Mary Kay but this involves flameless candles.  I'm doing Scentsy to help us get ahead in the area of financial freedom.  There are only so many hours in the day and so some things have to give.  Blogging has been one of those things that has temporarily been put on the back burner.  I say temporarily because I have every intention of resuming it back into full swing when I have had time to catch my breath.  Scentsy is keeping me going at a steady pace and I couldn't be happier about it.  I know I wrote before that this blog would NOT become a Scentsy commercial and I promise you that it won't.  The only thing I would like to say is that if any of you have considered trying Scentsy either in product or with earning extra income, please take a quick moment to pop over to my Scentsy Website.   How to Homemaker just is not moving us forward with our financial plan and so I must be realistic about my time management and where I am spending my time.  I knew though when I started blogging that it was not for monetary gain.  I never wanted a blog full of ads or click through money making links.  Just not cool in my opinion.  I like to help others and that is why I started How To Homemaker.  I still want to help others which is why How To Homemaker is only on pause for the time being. 

One benefit about Scentsy that I just have to share is that it has allowed me to share my Christianity with others.  Not that I go around preaching and this that's not what this company is about, it has just allowed me to develop some friendships and bonds and through those I've had a chance to share my love for Christ.  This has been an unexpected benefit and I just think WoW!

That said, How to Homemaker will resume just as soon as things steady out for me and I regain my hold on both now doing a job that I'm thoroughly enjoying and maintaining our household.  Freezer meals have become something I rely on right now and I've been doubling and tripling recipes every chance I get.

Thanks for your understanding and Happy Homemaking.


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