Friday, January 7, 2011

How To - What 5 Minutes of Focused Organizing Can Do

Hi Friends,
Today I’m going to talk about 5 minute organizing. I’m going to say right here and now, you will be surprised just how much you can accomplish in only 5 focused minutes of cleaning and organizing.

I have a small kitchen timer that has a clip stand. I’m able to clip it to my pants pocket and set it for 5 minutes. A timer is a great way to help keep you focused.

Here are just a few examples of things you can do in 5 minutes or less.

Make your bed

Clean old leftovers out of the refrigerator

Empty the dishwasher

Sweep one room

Fold a basket of laundry

Clean out your purse

Do 5 minutes of dinner prep such as chop an onion

Wipe down your bathroom counter and mirror

Empty the trash cans and take out the garbage

It is so easy to waste 5 precious minutes here and there throughout the day. ALWAYS have a small project available to work on in your purse or in the car. When we travel to appointments or to pick children up from activities there is always waiting time that could be used to accomplish something. That small project could be a hobby such as some needlework or it could even be going through a magazine and pulling out the items you want to keep. Then you can throw the magazine away.

I plan my phone calls to friends when I can multitask. I can guarantee if you call me on the phone I will be sweeping the kitchen floor or wiping the kitchen counter, watering my houseplants or even dusting. I will be doing some mindless task so I can concentrate on the phone conversation and yet still accomplishing a small chore around the house.

Perhaps your have a large project. Can you do only 5 minutes when you have the chance? I hate filing paper and it tends to pile up. If I file for 5 minutes, I probably won't have my stack of paper completed, but my stack will be smaller, that's for sure.

I challenge you to give the 5 minute timer a try and just see how much falls into place around your home when you do something during those 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there.


Ann @ I blog, therefore I am. said...

Great idea. Every year I vow to be more organized. Think I will start with this tip.

Tanya said...

Good tip!

DWYHomemaking said...

I've just begun to realize the reality of how much you can get done in only a few minutes of focused time, you just gave me a lot more I can accomplish in a few minutes!

Teresa@multi-facetmom said...

Great tips!!! I really needed this post!! Thanks! Anyways, thanks for the follow, just returning the favour!

Mindy said...

Thanks for the good tips! And thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to keeping up with your helpful hints. ;-)

Kristy said...

Great tips! Even though five minutes doesn't seem like a long time, it's amazing how much we can get done! Thx for visiting my blog, looking forward to following you! :)


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