Friday, January 28, 2011

Some of the Germiest Places Around and What to Do about Them

Hi Friends,
Today I want to talk to you about germs.  I'm not a germ-a-phobe, but I think it just makes sense to use some precaution as well as good hand washing.  As parents, we need to teach our little kiddos how to wash at the sink properly.  Kids should soap up for the length of time that it takes to sing the ABC's twice or Happy Birthday twice.  It is a great way to teach the youngest in our families their ABC's.

There are many germy places and the first I want to mention is shopping cart handles.  When my kids were little and sat in the cart, they didn't have the disinfectant wipes available like they do today.  Use them.  It also goes to say, be sure to wash your hands after putting the groceries away.  Have you ever been to the restroom in the grocery store to see one of the workers leave and not wash up?  Yuck!

Your cutting board.  Use one side for meat and the other side for vegetables.  Better yet, have two different cutting boards on hand.  Wipe with warm sudsy water after using.  Then spray the board with a mixture of 1 pint of water to 2 Tablespoons bleach.  Let the bleach mixture sit on the cutting board for 5 minutes and then wash again with warm sudsy water.

Your kitchen sink has plenty of germs.  Be sure you change out your dish rag or sponge daily.

Don't sit your purse on the table or on your kitchen counter.  Where was your purse sitting before you put it on your table?

Other places to think about in your home:  computer keyboards, telephones and cell phones, door handles, light switches and stair rails.  I have learned that after the kids go to school for the first week in the fall, it is in my and my children's best interest to go around and hit all these places with a Clorox wipe.  I also wipe these things down again when anyone comes down with a cold.

Places outside the home to consider besides shopping carts:  ATM keys, hotel remotes, pens at the bank that are attached to the counter with a beaded chain, and first floor elevator buttons are laden with germs.

Like I said earlier, I don't consider myself a germ-a-phobe.  I just think good hand washing before eating makes sense.  It is also good to teach your children not to suck their thumbs or bite their fingernails, a very hard task that can be though. (Sometimes I catch myself biting my nails.)  I also keep a container of antibacterial wipes in our vehicles.  There are times when we must make the quick run through a drive through.  That is when I pass out the wipes so the kids can scrub a little before eating.  When in the car and I use the wipes myself, I also make sure to wipe down the steering wheel.  Remember, I was just pushing that grocery shopping cart before getting in the car.


RosieB said...

good post, I agree with all you said, a little surprised that you didn't mention money? I think coins and notes must be some of the most germ-ridden things we ever handle, its the one thing that I get a bit paranoid over! lol ;)

loves2spin said...

My rules about the outside world are, keep my hands away from my face, and wash them as soon as I get home!

Tanya said...

Gross shopping carts are actually the reason I started my Etsy shop and started going to local craft fairs as a vendor...pretty much all I sell are cart handle covers and cart covers for children to sit in.

Liberty said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I LOVE your ideas here... am following you now. Have a great weekend. :)

Taylor at Stain Removal 101 said...

These are some great tips. I am glad that you emphasized that you need to let the bleach sit for at least 5 minutes on the cutting board to allow it to be totally disinfected.

People seem to think, especially with disinfecting wipes, that as soon as they run the wipe over the surface it is free of germs. Of course, this is not true but instead all disinfection takes a "kill time" so always keep that in mind. I wasn't always aware of this, and did my "disinfection" wrong for years because of it.

Kelly said...

I always forget about deep cleaning cutting boards. I clorox everything else in my house, it's about time those cutting boards took a bleach bath.


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