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Overwhelmed by All the Different Cuts of Beef

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If you are like me, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the different cuts of beef at the grocery store.  I wrote on my grocery list to get a roast.  Was my recipe for a Bottom Round Roast, or a Chuck Pot Roast or a Rib Roast or a Sirloin Tip Center Roast, or, or, or..........?????   Then I have a tendency to choose the least expensive and hope for the best.  There have been meals where my meat has been very tough to chew, and not because I necessarily chose a cheep cut, but because I didn't cook that cut properly.

Before I get into explaining the different cuts of beef, I'm going to give you an awesome link to Beef, It's What's for Dinner.  The link I just gave you is to their interactive meat case.  This is super cool!  You click on the grocery store meat case and it explains all the beef you will find in the different categories:  Steaks, Roasts & Ribs, Ground Beef, and Prepared Cuts.  Then you choose your specific cut of beef and it gives you the recommended cooking method followed by recipes.  I'm very impressed here with this and would encourage any of you who have questions about how to cook that cheaper cut of beef you just purchased to go check it out.  (Then need to make it into a phone app so when we are at the meat counter we could check it out quickly to help us make our purchase.  I didn't find any beef apps that I was excited about at this time.)

So here is just my brief synopsis of the different cuts of beef.

The following lists the different cuts of beef and how they should be prepared:

Brisket - The beef brisket is very flavorful and usually sold boneless. It less tender than other cuts but after cooking for a long, slow period it is a delicious tender cut of beef. It can be found corned or fresh.

Chuck - Typically is is sold in 2 to 3 inch thick pieces. It requires a long time to cook to become tender. It is very flavor filled but should be roasted in liquid to be kept moist.

Flank - The flank steak is a tasty cut of beef but it should be marinated prior to grilling or braising. Always cut a flank steak against the grain and cut it thinly.

Filet Mignon - This most tender and juicy part of the loin comes from the juiciest tenderloin area. It is cooked in small portions and is considered to be the high class cut of beef that is so tender it melts in your mouth. It is best when broiled or grilled.

•Loin - This section of the cow provides us with types of beef such as the tenderloin, sirloin,

Rib - The rib area of the cow provides us with the best cuts of beef. It is there the prime rib is from. Slow roasted prime rib is extremely tasty and is usually roasted to desired preference. This part of the cow provides us with the most tender cuts of beef.

Round - The round area holds the cheaper cuts of meat. Round roasts and bottom round roasts need to be cooked for a long time and is well suited for the crock pot. Stew meat comes from the round area as does London broil.

•Sirloin - Sirloin is from the loin portion of the cow. Sirloin steak is a larger sized steak that is flavorful and fairly lean. It has no bones and offers great value of for the cost. It is a versatile cut of meat that can be broiled, grilled or pan fired.

Methods To Cook Different Cuts of Beef

Different cuts of beef can be cooked in various ways. I have listed the types of beef and how they should be cooked.

Roasting is cooking in a uncovered pan with a dry heat. Beef cuts best suited for roasting:

•Chuck Eye Roast

•Eye of Round Roast

•Prime Rib

•Shoulder Roast

•Sirloin Tip Roast

•Tenderloin Roast

Grilling or broiling cooks the beef with high heat which seals in the juices. It is best to grill beef that has thin layers of fat within the meat called marbling. Beef cuts best suited for grilling:

•Sirloin Steak

•Strip Steak

•Eye of Round Steak

•Londoin Broil

•Bottom Round Steak

•Filet Mignon

•Porterhouse Steak

•Flank Steak

Braising is cooking beef in a covered pot with liquid so it keeps the beef moist. Best cuts for braising are less tender beef cuts such as:

•Chuck roast


•Rump Roast

•Short Ribs

•Bottom Round

Sauteing is a quick pan frying method using hot oil to cook beef. Cuts of beef that are best cooked this way are:

•Flat Iron Steak

•Ground beef


•Rib Eye Steak

•Cube Steak

I hope you now have at least a small grasp on the different cuts of beef and the next time you go to prepare a beef dish it is fantastic!
Blessings to you all and Happy Homemaking,

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LBDDiaries said...

This was a cool post! Nothing is more frustrating to me that to ruin a good roast - which I've done a million times. NOW I know what to do - thank you so much!! Visiting from SITS and glad I did.

Leah said...

I love this post. I'm always confused about what type of beef is the best for what I'm making. I'm bookmarking this post so I know have a reference!

Leah said...

I love this post. I'm always confused as to what type of beef to use for which recipe. I'm bookmarking this page for future reference.


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