Friday, April 15, 2011

2 Prayer Requests

One of the hundreds of baskets I've woven.  You can see more on my other blog Basketmaster's Weavings.  This basket is actually a peanut basket that I've turned into a prayer basket.

Good Morning Friends,

Would you please add these two prayers to your list today.

The first is for my father.  He is now on chemo for his prostate cancer and is having a hard time with it.  He first got cancer when Emily was a baby so that was 15 years ago.  He had radiation and has been taking medication all these years for it, but it is now coming back and attacking him.  Dad is 83, but he is a young 83.  He and Mom celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary in February.  (Mom as you probably remember is a breast cancer survivor.)

2nd prayer request is for our Emily.  She is in so much pain.  She has had 3 positive tests for Lyme disease.  The doctors here say these are false positives and that all she really has is fibromyalgia.  We don't believe that.  Next month I have her scheduled with a doctor our of state who specializes in Lyme disease.  Now if this doctor says these are false positives and it's not Lyme then I will believe it, but I truly think this is what has been plaguing her for almost 2 years now.  Until then, I take her weekly to a pain clinic here.  She is such a sweet girl who loves God so much. Ok sometimes she's not so sweet when she is tired and REALLY hurting ;-)  She is also having more and more trouble with her ear.  She cannot handle lots of noise, even a lot of talking from all of us in the car.  She says it is all static.

That is Emily and our Tim.  This picture was taken 2 years ago in Branson, MO where we went camping for 10 days.  It is just before her pain and issues started.  Could very well be this is where she was bitten.  We know for a fact she was bit by a tick when we lived in Florida about 6 years ago.

PBS is having a wonderful documentary on Lyme disease sometime in May called "Under our Skin."  I've already seen it, but it will give the public so much information regarding this disease.  I'll keep you posted as to when it will be on TV.  I do want to encourage all of you, if you know someone who has unexplained pain or unexplained neurological symptoms to at least have them get tested for Lyme.  This is a widespread disease.  Many doctors do not wish to treat for Lyme because of the controversy of it.  Some doctors have had their medical license suspended for treatment of it.  It's all in the documentary as to the whys.  Because of this, many doctors don't want to touch Lyme with a 10 foot pole.  That is what we have been experiencing with Emily.  Doctors here will treat her for fibromyalgia and pain but not Lyme.  We've been involved with a Lyme support group here in New Mexico that has been wonderful.  I've done lots of research on doctors.  Because of all the controversy with Lyme doctors do not accept insurance so we are paying totally out of our pocket.

This leads me to the next request.  We have the money set aside for our trip and the expenses we know for the doctor's visit.  So this is not a pity request.  But, if any of your have been thinking about ordering some Scentsy and you do not have a Scentsy consultant, would you be so kind to consider ordering it from my Scentsy website.  I would appreciate it so much.  Of course any and all orders are appreciated.  If by chance you and several friends are getting together and your order is $150 or more, send me a private e-mail and let me know.  I'll put the order into the website on my end as a home party.  You will get at least 2 half price items and 10 to 15% in free merchandise.  You also receive free shipping and handling and it comes right to your home.  If you've ever thought about joining Scentsy, my team is fantastic with support.  We have team monthly meetings via Skype so long distance consultants are included. and we support each other 110%.  We are really a great team.   Again, just e-mail me and if you leave your phone number I'll call you right back and answer any and all of your questions.  That's enough of a plug here.

Anyway,  God is Great and Prayer is Powerful!  Please pray for my dad and Emily and if your church has a prayer list, would you kindly add them to it as well.

I love you guys and if you need any prayers, please ask!  My family and I would love to pray for you as well.

Hugs and Blessings,


Mary said...

Well, y'all have been hit with the familiy ailments! I will so pray for your sweet dad, he looks like the nicest guy, and I know how dads and daughters are. And your Emily - I guess next month is the earliest they can see her? Hope somebody can figure out something! I'll be praying for her, too. And I'll pray for you, because sometimes watching our loved ones suffer is harder than actually suffering. Bless your heart.

BeeMore said...

I recently started ready your blog after your guest post on SITS, it was a blessing to read your post and discover your blog. I pray that your family are healed. And I would like to remind you of the authority that God has given you on earth ( Gen 1:26)and encourage you to confess, speak the healing you all desire and are entitled to through our Savior, Christ Jesus. He spilled his blood so that we would be healed (Isaiah 53:4-5) and it is through our faith in him that it is so. (Mark 11:23) I will be in prayer with you and your family. Jesus came so that we may have life and have it more abundantly. Sickness is not his desire for us and I believe Him for healing!


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