Friday, April 1, 2011

How I am enjoying my new Sewing Machine

Hi Girls,
I've been asked a few times now how I'm liking my new sewing machine so I thought I'd give an update.  The one in the picture is my machine, a Brother 1250D.  I LOVE that thing!  I'm so surprised how much I enjoy doing machine embroidery but it is so much fun!  I think hubby will get the computer reset where I can upload my own pictures next week and I can't wait to show you what I've been working on.  I've been sewing with it almost every day, at least 5 times a week.

You can go back and read my post on How to Select a Sewing Machine for more information, but I'm going to tell you about the features I'm enjoying with this one.  It sews sideways.  This is perfect for me because I often am sewing scout patches on sleeves so I can sew the perfect square or rectangle without difficulty on a long or short sleeve.

I read over and over where in reviews people said they wished they had the larger hoop sewing machine so I'm really happy I got the one that takes a 5 x 7 hoop vs. a 4 x 4. There are machines that take even larger hoops, way out of my price range, but this one seems to suit me to a tee.

The automatic needle threader is a huge plus!  I figure most machines come with that these days, but my old Bernina didn't have it and it's great!

Other things I enjoy:  Automatic thread cutter.  I can program it to stop needle up or needle down, it has a USB port so I can take files from my computer and load them on the machine.  (If you haven't been to Embroidery Library, that place is a MUST for machine embroiderers).  It makes buttonholes of any size automatically.  I don't have to use a foot pedal to make the machine run.  I can turn it on and off at the touch of a button which means one less cord.  It does come with a foot pedal that I can use though as a foot pedal does give more control.  It has many stitches, probably 10 times more than my Bernina with 8 stitches.  I haven't tried them all out, but I sure have a selection to choose from.

There is one design flaw.....I actually called Brother about this, not to complain, but to make them aware of it so when designing future machines it could be prevented.  In the picture above, the top of the machine lifts up which is where you insert the spool of thread and begin threading your machine.  It is also where you wind your bobbins.  When doing machine embroidery and when using a small CONE of thread, the thread can and will on occasion loop over the bobbin tension button.  When this happens it does one or several of the following.  It affects the embroidery design, breaks the thread, and/or breaks the needle.  This does not happen if you are using a skinny spool of thread such as Gutermann.  Mike, my sweet husband, had however, bought me the embroidery thread collection made by Brother called Pacesetter.  These are small cones that hold 1,100 yards of thread.  This problem of thread getting caught in the bobbin tension button only occurs when using Brother's very own thread.  It makes me feel like I have to babysit my machine while it embroiders so I can stop it immediately should it get caught. 

Here is my solution and it works perfectly.  Good ol' Glad Press and Seal to the rescue.  I cut a small piece, say 3 x 3 and can create a shield over the bobbin tension button.  It is easy to remove when I want to wind another bobbin.  I just thought Brother should be aware of their design flaw.  I think I was secretly hoping they would have at least offered me a package of sewing needles but no such luck.  At least the fellow I spoke to seemed appreciative that I called to alert them to this. 

I did a lot of research before making my purchase and I don't feel I could have bought another brand and have gotten all the features I got with this one for the price so putting up with the one flaw doesn't seem like a big deal.

One more plus.  I joined the sewing and embroidery club at the store I purchased it from.  I went to both last month and it was so much fun!!!

Homemaking Blessings,


Brett Rodgers said...

I think that machine embroidery is so much fun to do and I think that everyone should give it a try. I love making sports logos and other fun things for my kids.

Speattle said...

Hi, I have this same machine. Would you believe I won it? I actually won a super-duper high end vacuum from my local sewing and vac center. I didn't need the vacuum as I had purchased Miele from the same shop less than a year prior.

They let me trade back the vacuum + a few hundred dollars and for this machine! Like you, my other machine I'd had for 34 yearswith 8 stitches (and I still have and use it too).

Anyway, about your issue with the thread catching around the bobbin tension. When I use the cone shaped threads, I slip the little stretchy net cover over the cone (spool) and pull the thread out the end of it and then thread the machine. I don't need to use the spool cover when I use the net.

For regular spools I just use one of the spool covers.

Your machine should have come with several spool covers and with the little net. If not, the little nets are very cheap and you can get them where you bought the machine.

I have not done quite as much embroidery as you, but I have sewn a lot on this machine and it is great! Have you tried buttonholes on it yet? Sew EASY!


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