Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How To - Convection Oven Tips

Hi Girls,
We've lived in our home for 5 years now it the oven that came with our home is both a conventional oven and a convection oven.  I've had to learn how to use a convection oven and I've discovered a few tips that I want to share with you today.

Just so you know, a conventional oven has a heating element at the top or bottom, or both.  A convection oven has a fan that constantly circulates hot air in the oven.  My own oven is a combination oven that switches from conventional to convection with the touch of a button.  It can be handy when in a hurry because the convection does bake quicker.

So here's some tips I've learned.  When baking with a convection oven, decrease the temperature 25 to 50 degrees OR cut the bake time back about 25%.  If your food is undercooked in the center but brown on the outside, that tells you that you need to lower your temperature.

Make sure the air can circulate around your food.  Using large cookie or baking sheets is not recommended because they prevent adequate air circulation.

Do NOT use the convection oven for cakes, meringues or delicate items.

I use the convection oven for baked potatoes and homemade baked french fries.  It works well for pizzas. I have good luck using the convection oven for cookies like chocolate chip and oatmeal.  I use the conventional oven for softer cookies like snicker doodles.   I will also use it for the first half of my baking time on meats and casseroles if I'm in a hurry.  Then I finish it off with the conventional oven.

Watch your food closely because it does bake quicker.  Those cookies or pizza can burn easily so keep your eye on it.

If you have an oven like mine, mine is a Whirlpool BTW, don't be afraid to give your convection oven a try.  Start out with something easy like the potatoes I mentioned above.  You will be pleasantly surprised how quick.  Instead of baking a potato for 1 hour at 375 degrees, you can now bake it with the convection oven for 45 minutes at 375 degrees and it will have a nice crisp skin.

Happy Homemaking,


Tanya said...

I've actually had really great success using my convection oven to bake cakes and cookies of all kinds. I suppose each oven is a bit different.

Savories of Life said...

I think we jsut got an overn like that. Your tips were good. Hope you drop in as we might become good reader friends.

kousalya said...

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Anonymous said...

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