Sunday, April 17, 2011

Paper Crafted Ornaments for Easter Tree

Good Morning Friends,
I need to start with a short disclaimer here.  This post was originally on my blog Basketmaster's Weavings last year.  It's just with Easter coming up I thought you would enjoy the idea.  My paper crafted ornaments packed away well and still look beautiful on my Easter tree even this year.  Enjoy!

I've been having fun using my Cricut machine to make some ornaments for my little Easter tree.
You could use any die cutting machine or cut some out by hand. The key is that they need to be basically symmetrical images on the left and right sides.

Cut out five of each shape from double sided cardstock and stitch all five images together with some heavy thread. Then fold the top two pieces toward you and the bottom two pieces fold away from you to make a 3-D ornament. I then added a few beads to the top and bottom on the string for embellishment.

Here is my finished Easter tree that I put together just using six branches with tiny flowers that I got at Hobby Lobby. For the hanging eggs, I drilled holes in the tops of plastic eggs and threaded a ribbon into the eggs for a hanger.
Have a Blessed Sunday,
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