Thursday, May 5, 2011

FREE Video Teleseminar to Help your Direct Sales Business

Hi Friends,
I know many of you ladies are involved in a direct sales company of one product or another.  It is a chance for many of us to get out of the house plus earn some extra income.  This just came to my inbox so I wanted to share it with you.  I've also posted it on my Discover Direct Selling blog as well.

Have you ever heard the people at the top in your company say things like, “it just seems to come easy to me” or “booking parties is easy” or “sponsoring is easy” or “direct sales is easy.” 

There are moments when I just sigh and think why isn't it that way for me.  Sometimes it is, but sometimes it isn't.  We all struggle from time to time.
 I myself know it can be really frustrating when it feels like you’re doing everything you can, but still not getting where you want to be.

This is why I wanted to let you know about an upcoming video series:
 . . . and it is totally free which fits into my budget.

It’s being hosted by Julie Anne Jones and she’s giving away FOUR VIDEOS in the series, aptly titled . . .  "Direct Sales is Easier Than You Think." . . . and it won’t cost you a cent.  HURRAY!  Thank you Julie Anne!

Julie Anne is an awesome trainer and I'm so excited about being able to tell you about these videos.  She always delivers great content.  I've been reading Julie Anne's blog for some time and have listened to numerous interviews and seminars presented by her.  She has been such a help to me in selling Scentsy.  Here's the link for her seminars.
The first video goes live on Monday, May 9th and so make sure to get signed up right now.

Below is a snippet of what came in my inbox that I'm sharing with you.

If . . . .

. . . you’re at a plateau in your business . . . you aren’t finding things as easy as you’d like . . . you would like to take your business to the next level . . . you’d like to move up faster

OR . . . you’d just like a few new ideas . . . or maybe a few systems for your business . . . or some great language or scripting to help you be more successful . . .

. . . then get signed up for this complimentary course. 

 Here are the full details of the line-up:

     • Video #1 - The Real Secret to Fun Parties

     • Video #2 - Party Sales Secrets Revealed

     • Video #3 - Host Coaching - Your Direct Sales Secret Weapon

     • Video #4 - Sponsoring From the Heart

     • Live Wrap-up Webinar and Q&A on May 19th at 9:00 AM Pacific /
          12:00 noon Eastern Time with guest facilitator Dana Wilde 

Learn . . . and apply the right information and you’ll see exactly what I mean . . . and this course is jam-packed with the kind of systems which will help you take your business to the top!

And remember, all of this great information is at my favorite price . . . ZERO!

P.S.  Please forward this email to your team members and business colleagues too. 

Thanks everyone and here's to our successful businesses.
Disclaimer:  When three friends register for this free seminar and leave a comment with Julie Anne, I receive additional content.  Thanks everyone!

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