Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to Keep Birds out of your Fruit Trees


Hi Friends,

I posted these pictures last year, but just yesterday I was out hanging the cd's in my cherry tree again so I thought it was worth re-posting.  The cherries are turning a beautiful pink right now.  We treasure all that yummy fruit it gives.  Not only do we like the fruit, but the birds like it too!  Sorry birds, I love having you around, but we don't have enough to share.

A simple trick to keep the birds out of the tree is to hang old Cd's on it.  I hung 8 Cd's around the tree.  I just used some fishing line to make a hanger for them.  As the breeze blows they really are quite pretty as they catch the sunlight.  Best of all though, the glimmering it creates keeps the birds out of the tree.
As our grapes ripen over the summer, I'll be hanging some of these on the grapevines as well.
Happy Homemaking,
Nancy - Your How To Homemaker

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loves2spin said...

Pure genius! Thank you for the tip!

Stephanie said...

Hi there! I like your blog:) I also liked your post, haha. Nice's actually pretty cool:D
I will now be a follower...not the creepy kind!

Dmarie said...

ooh, thank you for this!! I was just wondering if there were a humane way to keep our feathered friends at bay.

Jade Aviles said...

Fantastic idea! How do I keep the squirrels from planting the oak tree nuts in the grass?? I have these little oak trees popping up EVERYWHERE??!

Thanks again for the tip!

Anonymous said...

if you live in australia this method with the cd's will not work,the birds ignor them.


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