Saturday, May 28, 2011

ISO a Good Birthday Reminder System

Hi Friends,
I'm sitting here beating myself up over forgetting someone's birthday.....again.  Ugh!  I use my calendar in the kitchen as my lifeline to remember things.  I even write birthday's on it, and I know this sounds crazy, but sometimes I don't even see the birthdays written on it when I check my calendar for the day.  How can that be?!!!

It drives me nuts because it is a genuine fault of mine that other than my immediate household, I forget everyone else's birthdays, parents, in-laws, sibling, nieces, friends, etc.  I feel just awful always saying, "I'm so sorry I missed your birthday, I hope it was wonderful."

So please, everyone, let me know your birthday reminder system.  I don't care how easy or complex it is, I am in desperate need of suggestions here.

My ideal system would remind me 5 days before the birthday, again 3 days before the birthday and then on the birthday itself.  In fact, the ideal system would wack me over the head to get my attention.

Thank you, thank you so much in advance!!!!!
I love you guys!


RosieB said...

every January a friend of ours would buy all cards that would be needed that year; She wrote them, stamped and addressed them, also wrote the birthday/anniversary date on the front of the envelope in pencil, and stood the pile - in date order - on a shelf at eye level in the kitchen. She just had to learn to look at the front card every day as that was the next one to go. :)

Davine said...

I too forget birthdays but to try an fix the problem with a few reminders. Facebook is good as long as the birthdayee is on facebook as well. I keep a birthday book and I also put all the birthdays on my calander and also into my mobile. I eventually see one of them.

Tanya said...

I usually just use Google Calendar. I set a date about a week before the birthday with a reminder to get a card and/or gift if appropriate. The calendar givues me a pop up notice of that event, and then I repeat the same process for the actual birthday. Each event is set to repeat once a year, so I only have to enter it one time and I'm set!

Trucker Mom said...

I use It is free and emails you a reminder, also covers anniversary's.


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