Monday, June 20, 2011

How To - First Aid Kit For Your Car

Hi Friends,
With my background in nursing and my family being very involved in scouting we follow the scouting motto of "be prepared".  We always have a first aid kit in each of our vehicles.  You can always get a complete store bought kit which is fine and contains many items.  I just have my own items in a plastic pencil box.  You can pick up these plastic pencil boxes for a quarter right befor school starts.  Today I want to share with you what I keep in our kit.  It is very basic but it does the trick when needed.  Unfortunately, it is needed far too often.

  • Bandaids of various sizes, but mostly the size that is a strip which will wrap around a finger

  • Tube of Neosporin or antibiotic ointment

  • Twissors

  • Small bottle of Tylenol

  • Small bottle of Ibuprofen

  • Small bottle of Tums

  • Sharpie marker
The Sharpie marker is to mark on the little medicine bottles.  Those little bottles are expensive so I refill them from a larger bottle that I get at Sams Club or Costco.  When I refill the little bottles I use the Sharpie marker to write the expiration date on the little bottle of what the expiration date on the large bottle was.
Having a Sharpie marker has come in handy from time to time as well for things other than first aid.

One more thing I keep in the vehicles but it doesn't fit in the first aid kit is a container of antibacterial hand wipes.  I personally prefer this over things like the hand sanitizers because I feel with a hand wipe I can actually remove dirt from our hands.

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