Thursday, August 18, 2011

I hope to keep our home decluttered

Hi Friends,
Today I'm confessing how I feel I've been a poor steward of our money as I've been decluttering and taking things to Goodwill.  I faithfully resolve to use discretion with spending and not bring into my home items that do not get used or that do not make us happy.
Happy Homemaking and I hope you are getting some decluttering done with me.


Alison said...

I had a yard sale a couple of weeks ago to get rid of stuff that we've had in storage for years.

We sold more than half of the items we put out for the sale and will donate most of the stuff that's leftover. There are more storage boxes to go through and decide what we'll keep and what we'll try to sell in another yard sale this fall. Then again, most of the leftovers will be donated.

Selling what we can, helps me not feel so badly about un-wise purchases! Plus, it helps go towards new items that we need but can't fit into the budget.

Renee said...

Isnt it GREAT to de clutter :) I have gotten rid of alot, and come Autumn I will be going through my sons clothes to get rid of ones that are too small.I am also going to go through Christmas ornaments,and get rid of alot of them as well :)


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