Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas Now Part 1 - Frozen Cookie Dough

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Hi Friends,

I ran across the idea for this yummy treat on other blogs last year and I thought how perfect to make frozen cookie dough for Christmas gifts for the neighbors and my children's friends.

My children love cookies and are always asking for me to buy ready-made cookie dough just for the convenience.  Schools sell ready-made cookie dough for fundraisers and it is so tempting for the kids.
I know my three kiddos would be thrilled to received a package of cookie dough so they could bake just the quantity they want at their convenience.

There are several reasons I like this idea so much.  First is because between Thanksgiving and Christmas our home is laden with sweets from kind gift givers.  How nice it would be to receive something we could put into the freezer and enjoy later when the holidays are over.  Second, this is a budget friendly gift that doesn't add clutter.  How nice is that!  Third, this is gift preparation I can do well in advance and it will free my busy holiday time up for other fun activities. Fourth and finally, this is a gift my children can make for others.  My children are all teenagers and require only minimal supervision in the kitchen so they can do this all themselves for their friends.  And they can clean up my kitchen too when they are finished!!

When giving frozen cookie dough as a gift, be sure to double wrap the dough.  Write the name of the cookie and the baking instructions on a gift tag included with the dough.

It's time to start thinking about Christmas now.

Happy Homemaking and Blessings,

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Candace said...

This is an absolutely fantastic idea. Thank you!

Jacinda @ Growing Home said...

That is a good idea! Do you have a good cookie recipe that freezes well? Or will most any work? I love the creative wrapping too!

Breana said...

Great idea! I will definitely be doing this! Great for neighbors, teachers & friends that you want to give something to, but don't have the money!

Gail Purath said...

I like this idea...lots of good reasons it makes a great gift. Thanks!

Heidi said...

This is a great idea. I am going to try it. It will be a good gift and it will save me time in a pinch when surprise visitors arrive.

ruthhill74 said...

I had the same question. Please post the cookie(s) recipe(s) you are using. I love this idea!!


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