Friday, December 28, 2012

Snowflakes for Sandy Hook Elementary

The tragedy in Newtown, CT has been on my heart as I'm sure it has been on yours. One of the children who passed away used to live in my town here in New Mexico.  I'm joining in on the Snowflakes for Sandy Hook Elementary movement to help welcome the children back to school.  Below is a quote from the North Canton Patch.
“Snowflakes for Sandy Hook” is one of several nationwide assistance movements spearheaded by the Connecticut PTSA on behalf of the Sandy Hook Elementary PTA. The National PTA joined in, sending out emails inviting PTA members across the U.S. to start crafting.
“When school resumes for Sandy Hook, it will be in a new building. Parent-volunteers are working to ensure that the students are welcomed back by a winter wonderland with the entire school decorated with as many unique snowflakes as possible,” the National PTA posted on its website.
Many crafters are making snowflakes from various media.  A number of machine embroidery designers have offered free snowflake patterns for enthusiasts like myself to stitch out.  I personally chose this free design offered by Lindee G. Embroidery.   I thought the design with the hearts in it truly spoke to me.

I love the music by Donna Cori Gibson. Here she sings the Chaplet of Divine Mercy or the 3:00pm prayer. Jesus is our rock even in times of sorrow such as this. Jesus I trust in you.

If you would like to make snowflakes for Sandy Hook Elementary, you are asked to get them in the mail by Jan. 12th.  The address is below.
Want to make snowflakes for Sandy Hook Elementary students? If so, have them in the mail by Jan. 12 addressed to: Connecticut PTSA, 60 Connolly Parkway, Building 12, Suite 103, Hamden, CT 06514
In a near future post I will talk more about the snowflakes and how I made them.
Warm winter blessings from my house to yours,


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas from How To Homemaker

Dear Friends,
I want to wish each of you a very Merry and Blessed Christmas.  Like the wise men, may we too follow the star, follow the light, live in the light that leads us to our Lord and Savior.
With Love,

ps.  Friends, if you would like to see what I have been doing lately, hop over to Embroidery It.  Machine Embroidery has become a new passion of mine and I'm fortunate that it is turning into a business.  The Christmas ornament above is one of my creations.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


On September 30th of this year I had one of those "God Moments" in which I feel the Holy Spirit's presence in my soul and feel he is truly speaking to me.  What came upon me was SHINE.  YOU ARE TO SHINE NANCY.

The word shine has filled my thoughts since that date.  How do you want me to shine God, I ask.

I've come to discover that I am to Shine in all I do, shine in my thoughts, my words and my actions.  God's love is light and his love shines to keep us from darkness.  I am to shine with God's love.

You are the light of the world.  A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.  Nor do men light a lamp and put it under a bushel, but on a stand and it gives light to all in the house.  Let your light so SHINE before men, that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.  Matthew 5:14-16.
And so I pray, "Dear God, May my light always shine with your love.  First God, may it illuminate the narrow and difficult path that leads me to you and may I stay on that path without stumbling or straying.  Should I stray on the wrong path, I pray I don't go far and realize my mistake so I may turn immediately around.  Then Lord, may my light shine more for others to see.  May it start in my home and with my family.  Finally, may my light reach far and deep to help bring others out of the darkness and onto the path of righteousness that leads to you.  Dear God, I ask to be blessed with wisdom to know what to do and say and that my light always always be illuminated and shining brightly. ~Amen.

SHINE is my word of the year.  I know many of you pick a word or phrase of the year to focus on.  SHINE is mine.  One year I had the word "simplify" and another year I had the phrase "keep ahead of the game."  This year, "shine".  At least I will keep it as my word until I feel God is placing something else on my heart.  I can't wait to see all the ways I can shine this year.  Starting today!

With love and God's Blessings,

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Simple Woman's Daybook - September 5, 2012


Outside my window...It is cloudy and 80 degrees.  I thought we might get some rain today but I guess not.  It really is a perfect transition day from summer to fall.

I am thinking...many thoughts swirling around my head.  I'm wondering how our Katie who is in the Air Force is doing.  I'm also wondering where my journal is as I seem to have misplaced it.

I am thankful...for having such a wonderful group of children in my religious education class today.  Today was the first day for the school year.

In the kitchen...we are having leftovers tonight.  I have some leftover ribs, chuck roast and baked macaroni and cheese.

I am chocolate skirt and blouse as I taught class today.  I wanted to look nice.

I am creating...nothing at the moment.  I have some fabric to make into slips for the outdoor furniture as well as make some outdoor pillows.

I am write a book.  I've started it's draft.

I am reading...and studying Proverbs 31.

I am hoping...and praying for Katie and Eric.

I am looking forward to...Katie coming home from the Air Force in November.

I am learning...How to write a book.

Around the house...I'm tired and did not sleep well.  The house didn't get its usual attention today.

I am pondering...How do I respond to people?  I was asked today what I do during the day.  I said,"I cook and clean and spend time in my garden.  I also love to sew."  They replied, "Great, then you can help me sew my daughter's first communion dress.  We'll make it from my wedding gown."

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things...getting to sit and write.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Take Cindy our beagle in for lab tests.  Nothing exciting really.

A peek into my day...I didn't sleep well last night so I just didn't move as fast or get much done.  Did 2 loads of laundry.  Took a nap.  Taught 1st grade religious education.  We are having leftovers for dinner tonight.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Print Your Own Freezer Storage Labels

Hi Friends,
When I saw this I thought it was a must share item!  Using Avery weatherproof labels, Martha Stewart has a printable download for them.  Get to it HERE.  You can now keep track of when you froze those delicious foods from your garden.  Now I'm off to staples to find these!
Happy Homemaking and I hope you have all had an amazing summer!
Love and blessings,

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Get Serious

There have been times in my life when I truly feel I am being spoken to by the Holy Spirit.  I was reading back through my journal and had written back on April 18, 2012 about "Get Serious."  Those two words rang loud and true in my head.  Here is some of what I wrote at that time.

My first thoughts and what I feel are most true is that the Holy Spirit is saying, "Get serious about God."  Stop having any doubts. (Oh my friends, I believe in our God almighty, but sadly, yes there I are times I have doubts about things I read in the Bible.  I know I shouldn't and I ask God for forgiveness of my feelings when they pop into my head.)  Believe in the Lord God fully, 100% and put your complete trust in Him."

I have been praying and working on this and in putting complete and full trust in God.  I have placed Emily in His hands for her complete healing.  I have placed my other children in His hands that God will guide them along His path.  I've placed my husband in His hands as the leader of our family.

Then I got to thinking about how "Get Serious" applies to all areas of my life and I made a list.
  • Get Serious about God
    • Meaning put complete faith in Him.  No more doubting.
  • Get Serious as a Mom
    • Meaning spend more quality time with the kids.
  • Get Serious as a Wife
    • Meaning make certain Mike's needs are met.
  • Get Serious about having a my own Business
    • Meaning stop being on the fence, reach out in faith and just do it.
  • Get Serious about caring for Myself
    • Meaning start exercising and stop unhealthy eating
  • Get Serious about caring for my Home
    • Meaning keep it organized, clean and welcoming
  • Get Serious about our Finances
    • Meaning stay on top of the bills and control unnecessary spending.
As I have written these things, I know God says that I must care for what He has placed in my hands.  When I show that I can care for these things, he will entrust me with more.

One of the things I have truly wanted for a long time is to have my own business.  You may know that I sell Scentsy, but ultimately that is Scentsy's business.  I want MY own business.  I believe God will entrust me with my own business.  I am believing and stepping out in faith with this new business venture of mine that I will be sharing with you very soon.

Are there things you need to get serious about?

God Bless each and everyone of you who read my blog.  I'm praying for you!
Love, Nancy

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Is It Too Soon to be Thinking About Christmas?

Today I was in need of a journal.  I have a collection of notebooks that I've written in throughout my many years.  I pulled a pretty one off the shelf.  It was one I had written in for several months back in 2008.  It had many blank pages in the back of it and I wanted to see if it would work for my current needs.  I read through my 2008 writings.  They were from September through December of that year.  It was fun to see what I was doing, what my dreams were as well as my feelings.

One thing I wrote about was the stress we went through during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I had made the comment that it seems as if every year it is stressful at this time.  The stress comes from a variety of sources.

Another thing I had written was my strong desire for peace in the home.  I wanted peace and organization as well as joy in my home. 

I know it is unrealistic to expect those things to occur constantly.  There are times when my home feels like utter chaos.  I have noticed over the past 4 years though, that peace, organization and joy occur more often.  I don't feel some of the stress that I felt 4 years ago.  Some of this may be due to the fact that we have continued to live in the same home.  Where as before, we seemed to be moving every 2 years.  I think over time I have fallen into a good routine to keep the home running relatively smoothly.  (We still have chaos though!)

So as I read back about my feelings during the winter holidays, I got to thinking that it really isn't too early to begin planning for Christmas.  I've added to my list of 14 things that I want to accomplish this summer to include one more.  Number 15 is to complete any homemade, handcrafted gifts that I want to give this year.  I know these will include machine embroidered towels for family members as well as making a number of hand towels to give to special friends and neighbors.  If I run across creative ideas that I want to give as gifts when summer ends, I'm going to keep a list of those ideas and they can be used as gifts for next year.  Finishing these homemade gifts this summer will be a big task done that will help keep stress from the holidays.

The picture above shows the three handtowels I made for my mother and gave to her this spring.  They are hanging in her bathroom.  The towels were $1 each at Walmart.  The embroidery thread I had on hand and I purchased the trim at JoAnns.  The designs are an Anita Goodesign and it is from the "Spring Curls" collection.  Making up some hand towels like this but in Christmas designs is my homemade gift-giving plan.

Love and Blessings,

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Too Busy" are Sinful Words

For the last 15 years or so, I have felt the words, "too busy" are almost sinful in nature.  I have heard those words so many times.  Not only to me, but in casual conversation with people to other people.  I can be understanding of this response, "I'm too busy".  Sometimes we are "too busy" to do what may be asked of us.  Many times though it is a pat answer because it is something we just don't want to do.  So to get out of it we say we are too busy. 

Anyway, around 15 years ago I found those words coming out of my mouth and I didn't like myself for that.  I wasn't too busy.  I just didn't want to do what was being suggested.  Which that is fine, I don't have to always do what others ask.  I could easily fall into the trap of placing too much on my plate and not doing my duties as a wife and a mother. 

I decided it was time to place certain limits on what others asked of my time.  As a side note, I do feel everyone should in some way volunteer in some capacity.  For some, it can consist of very little time, but something, as so many organizations require volunteers to make it a better place.  I decided my volunteer work would be at church.  I teach a weekly hour and 15 minute lesson throughout the year.  During the school year I teach 1st graders and during the summer I teach teenagers.  My friends know this.  When my friends choose their own project they want to work on and say to me, "Hey Nancy, would you help with this good cause?"  I politely now say, "Thanks, but I'm putting my volunteer hours in at the church and I know my limits.  It was thoughtful of you to think of me though."  I think that comes across as being much more polite and truthful than saying the words, "I'm too busy."

Yesterday though, I found myself being placed in a 'too busy' situation.  It was my own fault.  I fell short of meeting other's, friends, expectations.  I fell short of my duties as a homemaker.  I didn't meet my own needs and that made me feel awful on the inside.  I have a couple of friends I really need to set some boundaries with who feel they can take of my time as they wish.  I don't want to hurt their feelings so this is going to be hard.  I'm going to use my calendar more, much more!  I'm also thinking I need to be more scheduled and less flexible to jump to the phone or jump in the car at a moment's notice.  I have do have time in my schedule for my friends and for all my activities.  Sometimes I just don't have as much time as they would like to take of me. 
God's Blessings to you all,

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cleaning the Closet Under the Stairs

This was on my list of 14 things I wanted to accomplish this summer and it is done!  Thank you children for your help.  What a narrow closet this is!  You are seeing the after pictures.  (Hope you think it looks good because it was a disaster before we started and I didn't take a picture of that. 

I had built these little shelves (found at Target) several years ago.  They are screwed into the wall to prevent them from falling over.  Bottom cubbies hold kids shoes.  Moving up to the top, there are shelves that hold a container of batteries, flashlights, paperwork, serving platters, basket, aluminum foil casserole containers and canning supplies on top.  There are 5 hooks on the left side of the closet for coats.  The back of the closet holds suitcases and my vacuum cleaner sits in here as well.  The over the door organizer holds winter mittens, gloves, scarves and dog leashes.  There is a stack of narrow shelves just beside those that you see.  They hold a container of cookie cutters, roasting pan, container of light bulbs, school supplies and dog grooming stuff.

What a mish-mash!  I just don't have room to keep those large kitchen items IN my kitchen when I only need them once or twice a year.

Now if we can keep it like this!  Seems like once a year we need to pull everything out and do an overhaul of the closet.  Thanks again sweet Emily and Tim for giving mom a hand with this.  I can mark it off my list!  So on my quest for beauty I must say, a clean closet is a beautiful thing!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sharing God with Others

Today I prepare my lesson as I teach "Wake Up with the King" tomorrow morning to a group of high school/college age kids.  It is my summer contribution of my time, talents and treasures to our church.  During the school year I teach 1st graders.  Teaching young adults about Christ is a new adventure for me yet back last fall, something inside me nudged me to offer myself as a volunteer teacher in doing this.  I really felt I was being directed by the Holy Spirit.
So we are studying the book of 1John.  It is a BEAUTIFUL book of the Bible and just stresses the importance in maintaining a continual relationship with Christ.  I pray I can pass this important message onto these kids and that God uses me to strengthen and maintain a constant the faith in them.
Sharing God's word with others.  That is a beautiful thing.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Time Management

I struggle with time management.  I always have.  I've prayed for wisdom in this area for years!  See, here I am spending time writing this blog post when everywhere around me there are little projects that need my attention.  My time management skills are NOT a beautiful thing.  Remember I'm on a quest for beauty.
That said, I've made a list, a list of 14 things I want to accomplish this summer.  These are things that will simplify my life and clear out visual clutter.  I know when my visual clutter is gone then I feel so much better.  I don't feel stressed and I feel that I have time to spend on things that truly matter in life.  I feel much more in control of my time. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beauty for Myself

I've done a beautiful thing for myself. I've gotten started back with Weight Watchers once again. I'm a lifetime member and always do my best to keep my weight in check. When I go off track, my weight increases. Then this leads to other issues such as my high cholesterol, high triglycerides and high blood pressure. I'm now on medication for high blood pressure. I'd love to get off of it. Caring for my body is a beautiful thing. I also went to the gym yesterday for 30 minutes. My goal is to go to the gym 3 times this week. I can do that. (I really hate exercise, but I know that this is a way to give myself beauty.
Happy Homemaking,

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Beauty.  I am on a quest for beauty.  I desire to create beauty in both my actions and my words.  God is the Creator of all things good and all things good are beautiful.  We are made in his image.  It is my desire to help create beauty here on earth as it is in heaven.  I am challenge myself to create something beautiful each and every day. I'm challenging myself to notice God's beauty that he graciously gives us each day.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thank you for your Prayers for Emily - They are Working!!!

Thank you everyone so much for your prayers for our Emily. Not only has her stomach pain stopped, but she has felt better this past week than she has in a long time. Thank you precious Jesus! and Thank You to all of you!!!! I wish I could hug each and every one of you. Please pray that this healing continues. I love you all so much!!!!!!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Please Include Our Emily in Your Prayers

Hi Friends
As you know we've been dealing with Emily and her pain for some time now.  It will be three years this July.  Initial diagnosis - fibromyalgia.  Second diagnosis - Lyme's disease.  We've been seeing a doctor out of state who specializes in Lyme's disease.  So far none of the treatments have done a thing.  We continue to search for answers.  Over this time we have gotten used to what normal pain is for Emily.  The pain and the static in her ear have become her normal.  It is yesterday and today though that she has developed a new pain in her stomach that has me concerned.  It is almost noon and she is still sleeping.  I've checked on her and when I awaken her she still has this stomach pain.  When something new happens to Emily it sends me into hyper concerned mode for her.  So if you would add her to your prayer list we would be ever so appreciative.  Thank you all.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

How Great is Our God

We often sing this song in church. (English version) It truly warms my heart to know that all around the face of the earth are believers of Jesus. Believers who have put their trust in Jesus for the payment of our sins. We are united. I may not meet you here on earth but I look forward to seeing you in heaven. I hope you enjoy. Love, Nancy

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Scentsy's Wellington the Duck and Sunlit Morning

Hi Friends,
I just want to show you the newest Scentsy Buddy Wellington the duck and the upcoming scent of the month, Sunlit Morning.  If there is anything I can do for you with Scentsy, please visit my website at  Thank you so much!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I L-O-V-E This!

Dear Friends,
I hope you will take 2 minutes to watch this video.  I think you will love it as much as I do.
Hugs and Blessings,

Friday, January 13, 2012

Scentsy Bring Back My Bar Review

Dear Friends,
In today's video I review the 20 Bring Back My Bar scents from Scentsy.  These are 20 retired scents that are brought back just for the month of January.  I hope you enjoy this video and if you are interested in any of them, please visit My Scentsy Website

Thank you everyone.  I appreciate you!


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