Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cleaning the Closet Under the Stairs

This was on my list of 14 things I wanted to accomplish this summer and it is done!  Thank you children for your help.  What a narrow closet this is!  You are seeing the after pictures.  (Hope you think it looks good because it was a disaster before we started and I didn't take a picture of that. 

I had built these little shelves (found at Target) several years ago.  They are screwed into the wall to prevent them from falling over.  Bottom cubbies hold kids shoes.  Moving up to the top, there are shelves that hold a container of batteries, flashlights, paperwork, serving platters, basket, aluminum foil casserole containers and canning supplies on top.  There are 5 hooks on the left side of the closet for coats.  The back of the closet holds suitcases and my vacuum cleaner sits in here as well.  The over the door organizer holds winter mittens, gloves, scarves and dog leashes.  There is a stack of narrow shelves just beside those that you see.  They hold a container of cookie cutters, roasting pan, container of light bulbs, school supplies and dog grooming stuff.

What a mish-mash!  I just don't have room to keep those large kitchen items IN my kitchen when I only need them once or twice a year.

Now if we can keep it like this!  Seems like once a year we need to pull everything out and do an overhaul of the closet.  Thanks again sweet Emily and Tim for giving mom a hand with this.  I can mark it off my list!  So on my quest for beauty I must say, a clean closet is a beautiful thing!


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