Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sharing God with Others

Today I prepare my lesson as I teach "Wake Up with the King" tomorrow morning to a group of high school/college age kids.  It is my summer contribution of my time, talents and treasures to our church.  During the school year I teach 1st graders.  Teaching young adults about Christ is a new adventure for me yet back last fall, something inside me nudged me to offer myself as a volunteer teacher in doing this.  I really felt I was being directed by the Holy Spirit.
So we are studying the book of 1John.  It is a BEAUTIFUL book of the Bible and just stresses the importance in maintaining a continual relationship with Christ.  I pray I can pass this important message onto these kids and that God uses me to strengthen and maintain a constant the faith in them.
Sharing God's word with others.  That is a beautiful thing.

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