Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thank you for your Prayers for Emily - They are Working!!!

Thank you everyone so much for your prayers for our Emily. Not only has her stomach pain stopped, but she has felt better this past week than she has in a long time. Thank you precious Jesus! and Thank You to all of you!!!! I wish I could hug each and every one of you. Please pray that this healing continues. I love you all so much!!!!!!!

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Christina said...

Hi. I love your Blog. I'm just becoming a homemaker and need all the help I can get! And I'm also a Scentsy consultant! As I've been reading through your blog I've noticed the posts about your daughter, Emily. I know you've probably had tons of advice, but I do want to add a little bit more. I have a strange allergy to unnatural sweetners, which cause headaches, stomach pain, joint pain, -- actually Lupus type symptoms. I also have Graves disease, a thyroid disease and even had my thyroid removed. I so wish I would have done more research prior to having this done. Read everything you can on immune disorders and things that cause them. Much of the food we consume today really messes with our immune system, which in turn attacks the rest of our body. I really hope I don't sound like a crazy woman, but I have become so passionate about this because of the health problems that I have and how it has effected so much of my life. I hate to see it happen to young people.

Back to the sweetners: things that say they are natural like Splenda and Truvia are not. They are processed with chemicals, which seem to have the worse effect on me. I stick to sugar and Stevia (from the health food isle or store). I also try to avoid all processed foods, which can seem nearly impossible. Trust me, I can go on for hours about this:) I may even be a little obsessed! I'm more than happy to share more info with you through e-mail: You guys are in my prayers and again, great blog for us new SHAMS!


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