Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Is It Too Soon to be Thinking About Christmas?

Today I was in need of a journal.  I have a collection of notebooks that I've written in throughout my many years.  I pulled a pretty one off the shelf.  It was one I had written in for several months back in 2008.  It had many blank pages in the back of it and I wanted to see if it would work for my current needs.  I read through my 2008 writings.  They were from September through December of that year.  It was fun to see what I was doing, what my dreams were as well as my feelings.

One thing I wrote about was the stress we went through during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I had made the comment that it seems as if every year it is stressful at this time.  The stress comes from a variety of sources.

Another thing I had written was my strong desire for peace in the home.  I wanted peace and organization as well as joy in my home. 

I know it is unrealistic to expect those things to occur constantly.  There are times when my home feels like utter chaos.  I have noticed over the past 4 years though, that peace, organization and joy occur more often.  I don't feel some of the stress that I felt 4 years ago.  Some of this may be due to the fact that we have continued to live in the same home.  Where as before, we seemed to be moving every 2 years.  I think over time I have fallen into a good routine to keep the home running relatively smoothly.  (We still have chaos though!)

So as I read back about my feelings during the winter holidays, I got to thinking that it really isn't too early to begin planning for Christmas.  I've added to my list of 14 things that I want to accomplish this summer to include one more.  Number 15 is to complete any homemade, handcrafted gifts that I want to give this year.  I know these will include machine embroidered towels for family members as well as making a number of hand towels to give to special friends and neighbors.  If I run across creative ideas that I want to give as gifts when summer ends, I'm going to keep a list of those ideas and they can be used as gifts for next year.  Finishing these homemade gifts this summer will be a big task done that will help keep stress from the holidays.

The picture above shows the three handtowels I made for my mother and gave to her this spring.  They are hanging in her bathroom.  The towels were $1 each at Walmart.  The embroidery thread I had on hand and I purchased the trim at JoAnns.  The designs are an Anita Goodesign and it is from the "Spring Curls" collection.  Making up some hand towels like this but in Christmas designs is my homemade gift-giving plan.

Love and Blessings,


Tanya said...

Nancy, the embroidered hand towels are so beautiful, and completing them over the summer is a great idea. I always try to make as many gifts as possible rather than purchasing them, but things do get a little rushed near the end if I haven't worked diligently all year.

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

I'm with you on the peace and harmony in the home. This summer, my project is to knit 2 sweaters. Already I can feel the stress building as I look forward to the months of knitting. Will they be ready in time? Will they fit? Will the boys like them?????? Let's face it--there will be stress no matter what. :)


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