Thursday, August 9, 2012

Get Serious

There have been times in my life when I truly feel I am being spoken to by the Holy Spirit.  I was reading back through my journal and had written back on April 18, 2012 about "Get Serious."  Those two words rang loud and true in my head.  Here is some of what I wrote at that time.

My first thoughts and what I feel are most true is that the Holy Spirit is saying, "Get serious about God."  Stop having any doubts. (Oh my friends, I believe in our God almighty, but sadly, yes there I are times I have doubts about things I read in the Bible.  I know I shouldn't and I ask God for forgiveness of my feelings when they pop into my head.)  Believe in the Lord God fully, 100% and put your complete trust in Him."

I have been praying and working on this and in putting complete and full trust in God.  I have placed Emily in His hands for her complete healing.  I have placed my other children in His hands that God will guide them along His path.  I've placed my husband in His hands as the leader of our family.

Then I got to thinking about how "Get Serious" applies to all areas of my life and I made a list.
  • Get Serious about God
    • Meaning put complete faith in Him.  No more doubting.
  • Get Serious as a Mom
    • Meaning spend more quality time with the kids.
  • Get Serious as a Wife
    • Meaning make certain Mike's needs are met.
  • Get Serious about having a my own Business
    • Meaning stop being on the fence, reach out in faith and just do it.
  • Get Serious about caring for Myself
    • Meaning start exercising and stop unhealthy eating
  • Get Serious about caring for my Home
    • Meaning keep it organized, clean and welcoming
  • Get Serious about our Finances
    • Meaning stay on top of the bills and control unnecessary spending.
As I have written these things, I know God says that I must care for what He has placed in my hands.  When I show that I can care for these things, he will entrust me with more.

One of the things I have truly wanted for a long time is to have my own business.  You may know that I sell Scentsy, but ultimately that is Scentsy's business.  I want MY own business.  I believe God will entrust me with my own business.  I am believing and stepping out in faith with this new business venture of mine that I will be sharing with you very soon.

Are there things you need to get serious about?

God Bless each and everyone of you who read my blog.  I'm praying for you!
Love, Nancy

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Anonymous said...

thank you I really needed to hear this!


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