Saturday, August 7, 2010

Make Your Own Uncrustables

I was feeling very generous a couple of months ago as the kids and I were shopping at Costco.  They informed me they needed quick meals to take to work and have on hand.  The kids picked Smucker's Uncrustables.  I had never bought them before but decided to give them a try.  I don't know what the fascination of having frozen PB&J is, but the kids went wild over them.  Purchasing them once was enough and I decided that I would be making them from here on out.

Pampered Chef has a Press n' Seal 3 1/2" cutter that is exactly what is needed to make these.  I bought one off Ebay and it will pay for itself in no time.  Actually, it already has paid for itself.  I get a loaf of bread at the Wonder bakery for $1.  I can get whole grain bread there and that is healthier than the plain white bread that the store bought uncrustables are made from.  I also buy the low fat peanut butter to again make them a bit healthier.  I've never tried making my own peanut butter.  Maybe someday.

Anyway, I put the peanut butter and jelly just on the center of the bread spreading to almost 3 1/2" but not quite.  Then I use the Press n' Seal to cut my sandwiches.  I do an entire loaf of sandwiches at one time and freeze them in zippered sandwich bags.  As for the crust that is cut away, I put it in the food processor to make into bread crumbs.  Store the bread crumbs in the freezer to use as a coating for chicken, fish or any recipe that calls for bread crumbs.

What a savings this is to make them myself and the kids think they are just as good as the original uncrustables.

Happy Homemaking,

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40 said...

How neat!! I just bid on one for my DD too :-)

WhisperingWriter said...

Very cool!

I don't think I'd have the patience to make my own peanut butter though. I just get Jif :)

ann said...

That sure sounds like a good way to start saving money. And yes is healthier low fat and whole wheat.

Crystal said...

Thanks so much! This is the best idea! My fiancee is actually in love with those things (he is like a big kid himself)... but I can't bring myself to spend that kind of money on peanut butter and jelly!

momstheword said...

Very clever idea. My friend buys those for her daughter to take for lunch every day!

Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday.

Erin said...

Everything by Pampered Chef rocks! We have that press and seal gadget and my kids love it. It makes little flying saucer sandwiches =o)

April@The 21st Century Housewife said...

Great idea - and wonderful that you are making bread crumbs out of the crusts - no waste!!

the country cook said...

Those sound great! I used to have a sandwich press in college, and I loved it. Made the best grilled cheese. I never thought of freezing premade sandwiches! -


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