Thursday, April 28, 2011

Focus on the Finish and a Link Up


Hi Girls,

If you are like me, you think the start of the project is way more exciting than the finish.  I wake up in the morning with grand ideas in mind of what I want to accomplish each day.  I get my day off to a super start and then as the day progresses, things don't seem so exciting any more. 

It may be something as simple as I'm going to get all the laundry caught up today.  I'm going to get all the sheets washed and towels plus everyone's laundry hamper will be empty and they will now have clean, folded and pressed clothes.  Then somewhere along the line I think I'm too tired to iron, that will have to wait until tomorrow.  So now I have clean yet wrinkled clothes staring me in the face.  Ugh...just another thing on my to-do list for tomorrow.  Another unfinished project.  Why do we do this to ourselves?  I know for me, I get bored or I get sidetracked.  Sometimes, I tuck the unfinished project away and then I forget about it!

So today I decided to finish some of those projects that were staring at me.  Today I re-screened our son, Tim's, window.  He had gotten a hole in the screen and I had the material to finish this project for a several weeks but just hadn't finished it until today.  The project actually only took me about 40 minutes.

I sewed up some holes in Katie's sleeping bag where some hot ashes from a camp fire blew onto her bag and burned holes in the nylon.

I re-sewed the waist on Emily's shorts.

For Mike, I made him a doctor's appointment for a follow-up.  Those projects DONE!

Other than finishing the laundry which the last is now in the dryer, and fixing supper, I have one more project.  Katie and I need to get her graduation announcements addressed and mailed out tonight.  That will be a big accomplishment.

I'd like to challenge you.  Take a notepad and go around the house seeing what unfinished projects you have that are staring you down.  Lets tackle one of those projects this week.  How about we even link up our accomplished projects. 

This can be anything.  Perhaps you finish a book you have only half read.  Perhaps you finished a craft project.  Whatever your half finished project is that you finish, share it and let us all hear about it!  Lets cross one thing off our to-do list that has been there for a while and lets feel good about getting one thing off our plate!

I have one big project that has been facing me for weeks and I'm going to have you hold me accountable and do it this week.  I am going to sew covers for my outdoor cushions.  I only have three of them to do.  I have had the fabric for several months.  I'm going to do this!


Anita said...

I've got one big project I have to do. It's called Spring Clean the Yard...maybe this is the week for it?

BeeMore said...

I need to finish unpacking my bedroom! We moved in Feb and the rest of the house is finished but with daily to do's my bedroom is still neglected.

Toyin O. said...

I need to wash my car:)


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