Monday, July 5, 2010

How To - Healthy Living - Do you want to Join me?


Hi Friends,
Today I have an embarrassing post to write.  I need to lose weight.  30 pounds to be exact.  I've been watching the pounds creep up on me week after week and I need to put a major halt onto this weight gain and stop my unhealthy habits. 

There are several reasons my weight has gone up.  I quit exercising a year ago because of my knees.  I'm turning 46 next month so my metabolism is slowing down.  My youngest turns 13 this month and I will have three teenagers in the house, a cause of stress eating. 

I know what to do to get the weight off.  I just can't seem to do it.  about 20 years ago I worked for a company called Physician's Weight Loss.  I was their nurse and would draw blood, do EKG's, assist the physician and do lots of nutritional teaching. 

I know if I went to my doctor right now, my blood pressure would be up, my cholesterol and triglycerides would be sky high.  I just don't feel good right now nor do I feel good about myself and what I'm eating.  I've been thinking about this for some time now and have made a firm decision to make a change.

Will you join me?

My first tip to you is to fully decide weight loss and improved health is something YOU  TRULY desire and are committed to.  I'm at that point now.  You can't get healthy for someone else.  It has to be something that only you desire.  Next tip, make yourself accountable to someone.  I'm making myself accountable to you.  Those who are most successful in weight loss are accountable to someone else.  That someone might be at a weight loss program counselor, a family or friend, or a blog buddy.

Even if you are at your goal weight and are just wanting to live a healthy lifestyle, go ahead and join in.  We can all learn from each other.  If you are currently in the middle of a weight loss journey, join as well.  Anyone who wants to eat right and live healthy is welcome.

I've put a link up that you can join if you like.  We can check on each other weekly.  I don't think it is necessary to post our actual weight, but it is helpful to post our goal (my goal is to lose 30 pounds) and how we are doing weekly.  We can also post if we are doing anything special to help us with our new healthy lifestyle including recipes.  I'm very familiar with Weight Watchers as I'm sure some of you are as well.  If you want to post point values of food then go right ahead.  Each week I'll post how many pounds I lose and how many I have to go to reach my weight.  (Didn't that sound positive?  "How many POUNDS I'll lose")I'll also be posting a tip that I am focusing on for the week. One thing, most of my posts on weight loss and healthy living will be on Mon, but I have an occasional guest post I've already scheduled for some Mondays.  In that case, look for the weight loss update and links on Tuesday.

Be sure to sign in on McKlinky below so we can find you and stop by your site.  If you want, I have a "Lets Get Healthy" blog button for your blog.  This is not required though for you to join in.

This week's tip is to be 110% committed to better health and to be accountable.  I want this to be the last time I ever have to lose this weight. 


KaylaDanielle said...

This is so great! Very brave of you to make yourself accountable to your readers :)
I've always been the "skinny girl" and it's something that I NEVER take for granted because I've seen how hard it is for some of the people I love to lose weight. With that said, I am certainly not the healthiest eater nor do I exercise much, so I will certainly be reading your tips each week and trying to live a healthier life :)

Erin said...

Ack! I'm 46 turning 47 this fall and, for the first time in my life, I'm not at war with my body. I've done it all from anorexia to ignoring my body to everything in between. The peace I've gained has come from balance and moderation...old fashioned ideas that really work. I've learned to cook from scratch in the past five years. I've done away with "most" processed and "fast" food, but I'm not a martyr for that cause and, in the process, I've discovered that the more you actually enjoy your food, the food itself, the less you eat, naturally. I don't punish myself for being female and I don't punish myself for not being 25. (After all, 25 was only know?) Yeah, I miss my thighs and, oh, do I miss my stretch-mark free stomach, but I wouldn't trade the last 20 years for anything. So, my point? Don't focus on the weight. Focus on introducing positive habits and the weight will take care of itself...I'm living proof. (Oh, and I'm not skinny, but I'm not even chubby any more.)

Erin said...

I will throw my hat into the ring too! I have lost over 60 pounds (still have about 35 more to go...). I have fallen off the wagon lately...I have had way to many "special" occasions in the last few months where I have said to heck with it and just done whatever I want. So I will join soon as I post something on my blog, and figure out how to use the linky

Mel's Corner said...

This is a wonderful entry. Thank You for posting it!
I need to lose weight too.
Recently I have lost 9 kilos (that's about 20 pounds I think) but I need to lose at least 9 kilos more.
I started by eating a high protein and veggie diet as well as walking every day and doing pilates. As much as its been enjoyable, I'm wanting to eat a little more variety (more complex carbohydrates and grains) as I know this will lead to Optimum Health.
Being healthy in mind, body and spirit aids me in my dealings with family, friends and personal goals.
Id like to join too :D

In response to Erins comment, I agree that we should not obsess about weight. A positive frame of mind and a healthy respect for ones body is definitely the key!

Mel's Corner said...

Thank you for posting this, it has helped and I have joined!

Shirley said...

Thank you for visiting and following - I am really new to this blogg stuff so if I make any huge blunders please let me know.

I am a 50-something (close enough lol) who is on a rediscovery of me. I am pleased with how it is going except in one area and that is my weight so this is perfect for me. I am not going to say how much I need to lose (yet) except it is well over 30 pounds but I will update with any loss! I have done it before and lost 50 kilos (110 lbs) so I know it is possible. I just need to get started!

Thank you for the invite and being brave - it is hard to admit it out loud - believe me I know, but onward and upward!!

Mel's Corner said...


Dawna said...

Hi, Nancy! I'll join you as well. I currently do an update on Wednesdays, but will pop in to add myself to the McLinky on those days, if you still have it up and going until then.

I've been doing the weight loss challenge with Elizabeth over at Home Is Where the Coffee Is, but I don't think she's been doing the McLinky, which I think would make someone even more accountable.

I'm not going off of the weight I lose. Rather, I'm more concerned about the way my clothes fit. Scales and even tape measures can be so fickle in my experience. But, I would like to go down another 7 dress sizes, at least. I did fit into and wear a size 16 this weekend, which is down from a size 20. :-) I'm making progress, at least.

But, all that to say... I'm with you! And will be putting your button on my blog.


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